Every home is different – be it the size, location or character. Nonetheless, there are essential items that every home listed on Airbnb should possess.

Below is a list of items to consider stocking in your Airbnb. Some places simply won’t need certain items (e.g. heaters in Hawaii) but the following represents a comprehensive list that should prevent your guests from ever saying “I wish this place had a dot-dot-dot”.

For each item, you should strive to find something that satisfies the following home furnishing purchasing principles:

  • Price: Given the sea of consumer options these days, why pay more for something you can simply get for less?
  • Functionality: Does the item do what your guests would want, need and expect it to do?
  • Quality: Spend the extra couple of bucks on buying items that elevate your home furnishings, amenities and hospitality standards.
  • Durability: You’re in the short-term home rental game. Make sure your purchases will withstand the test of time.
  • Replaceability: Accidents inevitably happen. How easy/hard would it be to replace that one smashed plate?
  • Neutrality: Your guests come in all shapes, colors and sizes. Pick unobjectionable items, colors and styles that are agreeable to most.

The following items are a curated list of home essentials that meet the above-mentioned principles…

For the Entire Home




Living Room


Dining Room


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