Ideally, your Airbnb guests should enter your place and feel as if it’s their own home-away-from-home. Just like hotels, doing so requires providing an ample standard of amenities, cleanliness, home furnishings and hospitality.

At the same time, guests choose to stay in an Airbnb over  hotels for a reason: These travelers are frequently seeking something unique, special or different – things they’re unlikely to find from a hotel (even a nice one!)

Remember that whilst your Airbnb activity may represent a dabble in the property game to you, it’s completely different for your guests, who see Airbnb through a hospitality lens instead. Remaining aware of this important distinction will be crucial to creating a space that’ll appeal to your guests and meet their expectations.

A critical part of furnishing your home is understanding who your target guests are and what kind of space they’re likely to appreciate.

Are your typical guests retired elderly couples? Young travellers? Discerning business people?

Amadeus, a leading global tourism IT provider, have identified six distinct traveler “tribes” in a recent report:

Ethical Travelers

Guided by ethical and/or environmental factors when organizing and undertaking their travel

Example: Environmentalists concerned about the carbon footprint and ecological impact of their travels

Cultural Purists

Treat their travel as an opportunity to break free from their typical home lives and immerse themselves in a different culture

 Example: Travelers that learn a new language and country history for an upcoming trip

Obligation Meeters

Have their travel choices restricted by the need to meet some bounded objective

Example: Business travelers travelling for a conference

Social Capital Seekers

Influenced by their desire to impress friends and share travel experiences on social media

Example: Gap-year backpackers

Reward Hunters

Luxury travelers that seek indulgent ‘must-have’ experiences

Example: High-earning professionals that are members of luxury travel clubs

Simplicity Searchers

Appreciate ease and transparency in their travel planning and holiday-making

Example: Active seniors

Make sure you pause to consider who your target guests are likely to be before deciding how you’re going to furnish and decorate your home. Your guests will be more likely to enjoy their stay – resulting in better reviews, additional reservations and an easier job in managing each guest stay at your place.

Once you’ve determined who your target guests are, you’ll need to think about how you’re able to create a space that’ll best accommodate them and their living preferences. Below are a few websites that’ll provide you with a wealth of home décor and design inspiration: