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    Nic GoNic Go


    I have been experiencing some withholdings from Airbnb to IRS and would like to know if it is possible to get them back from IRS as it has been done by mistake (no US properties listed and I am not a US tax payer).

    This is the last reply from Airbnb:
    “Hello Nico,

    This is Katrina again. I understand you are concerned with the length of time it has been since your original request regarding the withholdings that occurred on your account.

    After looking into your request further I was able to find out that my colleague will be unable to assist you with your concern regarding the witholdings being completed in error. It will be your responsibility to contact a tax professional regarding your specific circumstances.

    Any amounts that have already been withheld and remitted to the IRS can’t be returned to you by Airbnb.

    The total amount withheld will be included on any tax forms issued to you so that you may account for those withholdings on your income tax return. We always encourage consulting a tax advisor if you need assistance accounting for any withholdings that have been remitted to the IRS on your behalf.



    Thank you for your help.



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