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    You may be wondering where to begin in understanding safety, security and protecting your property on Airbnb.

    Below are a list of Padlifter articles (and what’s covered in each) that will get you off on the right foot…

    Staying Safe

    • Airbnb Customer Support hotline numbers
    • Sending an email to the Airbnb Customer Support Team
    • Contacting Airbnb Customer Support via Twitter

    Property Damage and the $1M Airbnb Host Guarantee

    • Understanding the Guarantee’s limitations
    • Other protection options to consider
    • The case ‘for’
    • The case ‘against’

    Protecting Your Property

    • Using your common sense
    • Adding a security deposit to your Airbnb listing
    • Taking out additional insurance policies
    • Installing safety and security equipment within your home

    Protecting Against Personal Liability

    • Understanding the Host Protection Insurance Program
    • List of circumstances where it won’t apply
    • Examples of coverage

    Screening Guests

    • Profile verifications
    • Reviews
    • Independent research
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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