Deciding to List Your Place on Airbnb Helpful articles on deciding to list your place on Airbnb

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    You may be wondering where to begin when deciding whether to list your place on Airbnb.

    Below are a list of Padlifter articles (and what’s covered in each) that will get you off on the right foot…

    What’s the Opportunity

    • An idea unlikely to disappear any time soon
    • Gain additional income
    • Social benefits

    What Type of Airbnb Host do you Plan to be?

    • Motivations for entering the ‘Airbnb game’
    • Impact of motivation on operations
    • The Airbnb ‘investor’

    Legality and Regulations to Consider

    • City regulations
    • Permissions and rules
    • How to have difficult conversations with landlords

    How Safe is Opening up Your Home to Strangers?

    • Historical statistics on property damage
    • Airbnb co-founder explanation on how they create trust
    • Airbnb safety and security safeguards

    Create a Space that Will Appeal to Your Target Guests

    • Understanding the need to create a space that will appeal to your target guests
    • The 6 different traveler tribes
    • Home décor and design inspiration sites

    Essentials for Your Home

    • For your entire home
    • For the bedrooms
    • For the bathrooms
    • For the kitchen
    • For the living room
    • For the dining room
    • For the laundry

    Smart Homes

    • Explanation of smart homes
    • A rising expectation
    • Key features of your home you’re able to manage
    • Examples of smart appliances you may wish to consider adding to your home
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