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    You may be wondering where to begin with understanding how to communicate with your Airbnb guests before, throughout and after their stay.

    Below are a list of Padlifter articles (and what’s covered in each) that will get you off on the right foot…

    Private Messaging on Airbnb

    • Limitations on the information you’re able to share
    • Communication tactics for ‘filling in the blanks’
    • Providing information before and after a confirmed booking

    Responding to Booking Inquiries and Reservation Requests

    • Differences between booking inquiries and reservation requests
    • Notifications received
    • Response options for reservation requests

    Sending Guests a Special Offer

    • Explanation of special offers
    • How to send a special offer
    • How to withdraw a sent special offer

    Importance of Remaining Responsive

    • The relationship between responsiveness and your listing’s display ranking
    • The Airbnb mobile app
    • How to enable push notifications and text messages

    Handling Requests for Discounts

    • Requests for discounts and potential ‘red flags’
    • Questions to reflect upon before offering a discount
    • Smart negotiation tactics

    After the Reservation is Confirmed

    • Notifications received upon confirmed reservations
    • Welcome messages and communication tools
    • Communication recommendations

    Communications During a Guest’s Stay

    • Proactive communications
    • Reactive communications

    Altering an Existing Reservation

    • Circumstances you may wish to alter an existing reservation
    • How to alter an existing reservation
    • Elements of the reservation able to be altered

    Communicating After the Stay

    • Saying “thank you”
    • Requesting a review
    • Providing future discounts
    • Example
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