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    You may be wondering where to begin in understanding Airbnb reviews and credibility.

    Below are a list of Padlifter articles (and what’s covered in each) that will get you off on the right foot…

    Using the Airbnb verification process to demonstrate credibility

    • The ID verification process
    • The Airbnb ID checked badge
    • How to add additional verifications

    The importance of good reviews

    • Why reviews matter
    • The good reviews virtuous cycle
    • Overcoming the new host review challenge

    How to score 5-star reviews

    • What you’re rated on
    • Review category 1: Accuracy
    • Review category 2: Cleanliness
    • Review category 3: Location
    • Review category 4: Check-In
    • Review category 5: Communication
    • Review category 6: Value
    • The remainder of the review process

    Leaving reviews

    • The ‘blind’ review system
    • Giving feedback
    • Timing and being strategic when things went well / bad
    • Leaving a public response to reviews received
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