Payment and Taxes Helpful articles on Airbnb payouts and taxes

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    You may be wondering where to begin in learning about Airbnb payouts and taxes.

    Below are a list of Padlifter articles (and what’s covered in each) that will get you off on the right foot…

    Getting Paid on Airbnb

    • Step 1: Host selects payout method
    • Step 2: Guest pays Airbnb when they book a place
    • Step 3: Airbnb calculate the payout
    • Step 4: Airbnb release money to host after guest checks-in
    • Step 5: Host receives funds

    Airbnb and Taxes

    • Understanding your tax obligation
    • Income taxes
    • Local taxes
    • Value Added Taxes (VAT)
    • Full deductions
    • Partial deductions
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