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Free Airbnb Hosting Tips and Resources

Free Airbnb Hosting Tips and Resources

Browse through free tips and resources to get found more often, sell your space and make more money

Deciding to List Your Place on Airbnb

Safety, Security and Protecting Your Home

Listing Your Place on Airbnb


Booking Settings

Getting Found


The Check-In Process

Providing a Phenomenal Guest Experiene

Checkout, Cleaning and Turnover

Payment and Taxes

Reviews and Credibility

Continuous Improvement

Hosting on Airbnb Course

Hosting on Airbnb Course

Get accredited as a Padlifter-certified Airbnb host.

Most Airbnb hosts possess a general understanding of the concept behind Airbnb: Making money by opening up their home to travelers looking for short-term rental accommodation. But Airbnb hosts, both new and old, frequently need to overcome a number of common challenges and frustrations.

New hosts are often…

  • Not clear on what they need to do;
  • Finding Airbnb harder than it was made out to be; or
  • Eager to get setup for success from the get-go

Existing hosts are often…

  • Not making as much money as they would like to;
  • Not getting found often enough; or
  • Having difficulty converting listing views into reservation requests

In this course, we address all of these concerns and cover the end-to-end hosting process to ensure you get found more often, sell your space and maximize your profitability!

Regardless of whether you’re an Airbnb newbie or long-time veteran, there’s a lot to get right (and a lot you can get wrong!) This represents both a challenge and opportunity, for as they say… the cream rises to the top!

Get it right, and you’ll join the exclusive club of Airbnb hosts that have leveraged this never-before opportunity for riches, fun and a true sense of belonging. The lucrative financial rewards you will receive shortly will be the inevitable product of your inherent enthusiasm and newfound knowledge.

Special Offers and Discounts

Special Offers and Discounts

Save money on essential hosting services that make you money

Discussion Forum

Discussion Forum

Find answers to questions from the Airbnb hosting community

Engage with a community of new and seasoned Airbnb hosts from around the world!
Ask and answer questions, share experiences, best practice tips and anything else to do with Airbnb.

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