Offering special offers or discounts is a great way to let Airbnb hosts learn about your products and services.

We showcase these across the site and promote them in communications with the Padlifter community.

To share a special offer or discount, please fill out the form below. Make sure to provide as much information on each of the following:

  • Who: Who does it apply to? For example, "New customers"
  • What: What is the special offer or discount? For example, "50% discount on your first month's management fee"
  • Where: Is the special offer or discount (in)applicable in select locations? For example, "Only applicable to hosts in the United States"
  • When: Is the special offer or discount (in)applicable for select times or time frames? For example, "Deal valid until 12/31/2019"

Once submitted, we'll upload your special offer and let you know once we've done so. You can always let us know if you'd like it removed or any changes you'd like us to make to it.