Welcome Pickups

The warmest welcome for your guests!

Founded in 2015 in Athens, Greece, Welcome goes above and beyond the commoditised transfer service as the first company to deliver a holistic, in-destination travel experience. From the moment a traveler arrives in a new destination, until they return home, Welcome accommodates all their travel needs (transfers, travel products, things to do, information) as the easiest, friendliest and most personalised solution.

Recommend to your guest our 5-star transfer service, make revenue and track guest arrivals!

How it works

We create a single booking page for each of your homes. Then you:

  • Share your personalised booking page with your guest.
  • Get notified, once your guest books his transfer.
  • See all booking details, including contact details of the driver assigned in your Partner Web Dashboard.
  • Welcome your guest at your home.
  • Get paid, on a monthly basis for the transfers that were operated in the previous month.