Vacation Rental Marketing Blog (VRMB)

A free resource designed to help vacation rental owners generate more bookings

Who We Serve

Around the turn of the century, property owners and managers began offering their empty vacation homes to early adopting travelers as alternatives to hotels. Whether stumbling into the industry by accident or leaving behind lucrative professional careers, most hosts had in common a certain entrepreneurial spirit: a desire to be our own boss and assume the risks/rewards of our hard work.

Part of our entrepreneurial mentality involves marketing. Yet because the vacation rental industry is so new, there exists very little qualified advice to help us DIY’ers generate more bookings without relying on the major listing sites. VRMB serves these folks. It aims to help us all close the learning gap with the hope that more educated hosts will equate to a more healthy industry.

No matter your skill level where you fall on the growth curve, with the right attitude, VRMB can help you achieve great new results with your vacation rental business.

What We Do

VRMB is a free resource that documents the industry’s best practices in order to close the learning gap between newcomers and the biggest brands in vacation rentals. We give all our information away for free and occasionally ask for social shares or comments in exchange for our efforts.

Utilizing the “taxi driver” mindset of connecting people with places and things, we publish weekly blog articles, learning exercises, and case studies with the hope that “the more we document about the industry, the more we can all grow.”

We aim to create frameworks that stand the test of time. We aim to help you build a vacation rental business that will last generations.

The Inner Circle

Referred to as “the MIT of vacation rentals,” the Inner Circle is a place of inclusion and critical thought where independent owners and managers learn in a conveyor belt of best practices; a networking community for those who prefer not to go at it alone.

The Inner Circle is not about gluing together existing egos — it is about combining the ideas that never existed before our members entered the room. From video courses to eBooks to workshops and meet-ups, becoming a member of the Inner Circle community is the step that many professionals look back on as the pivotal moment in realizing true, vacation rental potential.

The Vacation Rental Show

​​​A digital series ​introducing newcomers to the magnificent world of vacation rentals. In it, VRMB’s Matt Landau explores new destinations through vacation rentals and their most amazing hosts, in the process inspiring travelers and prospective hosts to enter the industry ​with the right expectations. Each of the featured hosts are esteemed members of our Inner Circle community and you can learn more about the philosophy of the show here.

Unlocked: The VRMB Podcast

​Unlocked is a podcast series that invites you to be a fly-on-the-wall as VRMB founder Matt Landau interviews some of the world’s most innovative vacation rental professionals. Sponsored by PointCentral, ​the goal of our podcast series is to share best practices and to remind vacation rental professionals that we have everything we need inside of us to succeed. ​Our featured guests are esteemed members of our Inner Circle community and you can learn more about the philosophy of the series here.

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