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In 1995, Vrbo introduced a new way for people to travel together, pairing homeowners with families and friends looking for places to stay. We were grounded in one purpose: To give people the space they need to drop the distractions of everyday life and simply be together.

Since then, we’ve grown into a global community of homeowners and travelers, with unique properties in 190 countries around the world. Vrbo makes it easy and fun to book cabins, condos, beach houses and every kind of space in between.

Vrbo is part of HomeAway and the Expedia Group family of brands and offers homeowners and property managers exposure to over 750 million visits to Expedia Group sites each month.

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worst Experience with a house host

Our expierience was absolutely awful. This is the worst vacation rental we’ve ever say that. And we have stayed at many. This is the first time we’ve ever used VRBO. The host for a house that we stayed at It is absolutely the worst host we’ve ever had and I never recommend her again. I have an entire list that I’ve logged in for any future references in which we may need them. -blender has food in it still prior to use -owners were scouting out the house violating our privacy of a rental that we had already paid for -half opened food items which if is unsealed, opened and is used means that it is contaminated and unsanitary due to use of prior guests also due to covid -did not provide proper instructions for house alarm and would not respond when we requested help to disarm it. Though the Manuel to the house says that the owner is available 24/7 (false advertisement) -when owner said she would come disarm it, she never came the entire stay -owner continued to be very bothersome and kept texting us to see how we were doing all day while I was at work when I’ve paid for my stay which I also consider a violation of privacy. It seems rather inappropriate unless her assistance is requested -the assertion & obvious frequent presence of owners made us feel like we were not able to have any privacy, thus making us feel unwelcome as guests. -owner said she was going to come reset the security system and never did. -The Internet stopped working and we couldn’t get a hold of the owner -owner has been physically checking on us every day since the day we arrived. Our stay is 14 days -bath tub mat is very unsanitary and has built up bacteria on the entire mat -has to buy a screw driver because door locked from the inside -toilet clogged and had to go buy liquid fire -internet went out and owner never responded to our request to fix it -mini creamers were rotten and expired My husband and I have pictures for a majority of these things. The last night before the end of our stay we left early Because it was that miserable. We wasted the money for the last night there because we were just ready to go home. We stayed there because my husband had work for two weeks and he wanted to be able to bring us with him. So we had no option. We had to find a vacation rental in Klamath Falls because that’s where he was working. So we thought we would try VRBO out because there weren’t very many options Regarding a vacation rental. The host was so rude the entire time and my husband kept all of his text messages between him and her. The only time she would text us is to bother us but whenever we needed her she wouldn’t respond to us. She said that she would fix the security system for the house and didn’t do it until four days later. She said she would get the plumbing fixed and didn’t send a plumber for five days later. He had to spend his own money on top of the money that he already used to pay for the house to fix her door handle which she already knew was broken due to prior guests. Klamath Falls is five hours from where we reside so we had no option other than to stay there because we already paid for our stay. to top it all off, My husband goes to use his bank card to get gas on his way to work this morning And his card gets declined. He thought it may have been the hotel that he staying at because he had to go back to Klamath Falls for work For this week and he learned that it wasn’t the hotel that he was staying at the double charged his card. When he called the Bank customer service, he learned that the host of the house charged us $648 Five days after we left. We didn’t steal anything, we didn’t break anything, We did not leave her house a mess we did our dishes before we left. Which we felt she deserved for us to leave the house dirty before we left But we’re too kind of people that we cleaned up after ourselves. Even though our stay was tragically the worst experience we’ve ever had a vacation rental with a host/owner of the house. She never informed VRBO as to why she charged our card. we will more than likely never book through VRBO again with this kind of stuff being allowed. Her house is falling apart, she wasn’t available even though her cards say that she is available 24 seven. She was very bothersome and texted my husband every single day throughout the day to check up on him. Her house was falling apart And she was very aware of that. You would think that one would include those details that she’s aware of and her description. We paid close to $3000 to stay at this home for two weeks. Just to have her charge us $648 Five days later with no explanation to us OR VRBO and they allowed this to happen. She shouldn’t be able to hold our card information to charge us without explanation or without going through VRBO for confirmation. My husband was on hold for 3 hours to be told that they couldn’t help him & he needed to talk with the host.

Book with confidence (TRICK)

I made a booking on 12.04.21 to stay in Pretoria from 19th April till 2nd May, and received a message beginning, "here are your keys" I had already paid in full whilst booking. After me sending several messages to the host, without reply, he eventually messaged me 8 hours before my flight saying he had overbooked and offering me alternative accomodation for additional cost. I made alternative booking through Booking.com as could not trust this obvious scammer. I have asked for my money to be returned without success. If I do not get a refund I will take the matter to court once I return to England and also advertise what has happened to me on the internet, Trust pilot, and through the English newspapers. A good reputation is hard to get but a bad one is very easy to obtain. It says it all for this company when it's impossible to find customer services. They say to phone and spend more money on international calls in order to get your money back. Disgraceful service, innatentive host and all in all totally inefficient. Mickey mouse comes to mind for all the UK readers

As an owner of a holiday let in the…

As an owner of a holiday let in the Scottish Highlands for 12 years I advertised on the old Home Away Uk, (great when it was run by a small group of decent folk in London) then the mergers and take overs started. Things have gone constantly downhill and even more so with the VRBO takeover. We currently have guests staying and this morning I received an email asking for "more information to send your payments" from VRBO. Thought this a bit strange as our information has not changed in all the years we have been with them. Apparently it is to comply with EU regulations and the third party payment provider "Hyperwallet require hosts to verify their identity. They want me to send copies of my passport etc and a utility bill. Funny that this arrives in my in box 2 days after my guests have arrived. Their payments used to be reasonably ok and now take the "5-7 working days" carry on. I had a few potential customers contact me when restrictions were lifted as they had heard of issues regarding refunds from some of the "Big" holiday letting "Agents!!!" My answer now to be fair to folk is to ask them to book through the local tourist board website or they can pay us when they arrive, as we still have trust in folk to do that. As for VRBO, you can decide for yourself!! Perhaps they might reply to my review but it will be the usual copy and paste response with the "hanging on the telephone line" numbers.