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In 1995, Vrbo introduced a new way for people to travel together, pairing homeowners with families and friends looking for places to stay. We were grounded in one purpose: To give people the space they need to drop the distractions of everyday life and simply be together.

Since then, we’ve grown into a global community of homeowners and travelers, with unique properties in 190 countries around the world. Vrbo makes it easy and fun to book cabins, condos, beach houses and every kind of space in between.

Vrbo is part of HomeAway and the Expedia Group family of brands and offers homeowners and property managers exposure to over 750 million visits to Expedia Group sites each month.

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Customer Support of Vrbo is the worst I have ever seen...

It's the 2nd time we rented a house via Vrbo, but NEVER AGAIN. After our holiday we were charged with extra costs of the house owner (>200 euros). The costs were deducted from my visa card without my approval. As the house owner didn't have any proof of the damages we allegedly made and she was making all sorts of false accusations, I knew I had a strong case to get a refund as I am all about honest communication. The response from VRBO was the following: 'This case has been closed in favor of the host due to the proof provided. Unfortunately, due to privacy reasons, we are not allowed to share the proof of damage provided by the host'. My conclusion: 1/ House owners can charge extra costs for whatever they like and they don't have to prove it 2/ The customer support of VRBO is the WORST (TIP: don't call them, just send email to support-cs @ vrbo.com) 3/ They don't perform an 'investigation' and they don't bother listening to the traveler for more information 4/ I can't even leave a bad review for the liar-house owner I'm now trying via Worldline to get my money back. Hope this will work!

VRBO Property #323696 Cavendish VT

VRBO Property #323696 - Cavendish VT. Home is in a good location, close to amenities. It has charm, however, it is not well looked after which is a shame. The owner is responsive to text messages and calls. He is aware of the issues we experienced through text and photos and apologized for the problems. The fact that he is in NJ and is trying to coordinate cleaners and maintenance from a distance adds to the difficulties. The house has not had a decent thorough cleaning in some time. Upon arrival, we found the refrigerator had grime and blood stains on shelves, we needed to clean the fridge and freezer prior to using. The bathrooms had hair and soap scum in bath and showers. Muddy footprints in one shower area. One bath could not be used due to a faulty stopper, another bath had no plug. Bathmats were unclean, evident by dirt, hair, and perished backing underneath them. We needed to clean the bathrooms. Dirt, dust and months of grime around toilet floor areas. Bedrooms not well appointed, with 3 of 4 having no dressers. Two bedrooms were missing window curtains. These are needed for privacy and eliminating the sunlight, especially with children going to bed prior to sunset and sleeping past sunrise. Old flannel sheets on beds, which are not recommended in July! Dirty socks under master bed, along with months of dust and dirt. Cobwebs on walls, ceilings, and window wells, a number of dead flies in cobwebs and window wells. Spiders in most rooms. Everyone had to wash their feet after 2 hours due to the dirty state of all the floors. We cleaned and vacuumed them. We live in a rural area, similar to this home, however, this home has an ant issue (large black and small sugar ants are everywhere). Crawling into handbags, on luggage, table tops, kitchen!!! We made sure there was never any food left out and that surfaces were washed and sanitized. There were too many small flies to count in the bathroom downstairs. They were all over the sink, shower area, granddaughters toothbrushes. The BBQ grill was not cleaned, old food, grease and dirt on the cooking grates. Very little propane in the tank. The list goes on! Our vacation was to provide some much needed family time for our 2 daughters, 4 granddaughters, my wife and I. We had hoped to stay for the entire time, however, we checked out early due to the unsanitary conditions. Our daughters were upset, and our granddaughters were extremely disappointed that our special family time together was spoiled and ended early. We called VRBO and they said to write a review! Passing the buck and have never called us back or had the decency to contact us as of this date.

Sadly - Avoid.

Really sad to write this and have had the awful and avoidable start to a much needed holiday. Host said he was “cancelling booking, or maybe not”, together with a litany of unprofessional actions and behaviors which when reported to VRBO - the booking platform (agent) was met with apathy, scripted statements, near incoherent linguistic issues and broken promises to follow up, call back or investigate my complaint about the breach of booking contract and customer experience, even though to do so is my consumer right, in law. I later found out that VRBO is a pass through, not an agency, leaving customers at the whim of owners who when they choose to misbehave and let down the likes of us, shrug shoulders and walk off into the sunset with their 12.5% commission for handling the booking, with what seems, absolutely no strings attached, no care for service or means or will to undertake the basics. Really sad. Awful. Will never use again.