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In 1995, Vrbo introduced a new way for people to travel together, pairing homeowners with families and friends looking for places to stay. We were grounded in one purpose: To give people the space they need to drop the distractions of everyday life and simply be together.

Since then, we’ve grown into a global community of homeowners and travelers, with unique properties in 190 countries around the world. Vrbo makes it easy and fun to book cabins, condos, beach houses and every kind of space in between.

Vrbo is part of HomeAway and the Expedia Group family of brands and offers homeowners and property managers exposure to over 750 million visits to Expedia Group sites each month.

  • Your rental, your way: Set your price, dates, rules, and more. We give you the tools to make sure you’re in control
  • 190 countries. Millions of travelers: Put your home in front of a global network of travelers looking for the perfect match
  • We’re here for you, 24/7: A dedicated support team is ready around the clock to make sure that everything runs smoothly

How it Works

  1. Set up your property: Explain what’s unique, show off with photos, and set the right price
  2. Get the perfect match: We’ll connect you with travelers from home and abroad
  3. Start earning: We’ll help you collect payment, deduct a commission, and send you the balance

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Unable to download new app

Unable to download new app. Previous home and away app worked great. Have holiday booked but unable to gain access to bookings via app. Very poor plus rubbish change of name. We go on holidays Not vacations (we all don’t live in America).

HomeAway switch to vrbo

I just found a review of vrbo on your website from a week ago stating that, unlike its predecessor, homeaway.co.uk, vrbo won't pay property owners without a business number. I tried to contact the vrbo chatline to check this out, as we signed up only around June with homeaway (no bookings yet due to Covid) and I don't think we have a business number. The chatline just kept telling me I was connected to an agent, then immediately cutting me off. On the fourth attempt it said 'just say hi if you still need help', then cut me off anyway. Thanks for the heads up, Adrian. I'll keep trying, but if they don't respond I'll remove my listing from their site.

Horrible customer service

Horrible customer service. We experienced a last minute cancellation (which was not the fault of Vrbo, but a property owner). Vrbo, in spite of a “book with confidence” guarantee, was not very helpful in trying to accommodate us with a new reservation. Numerous phone calls with multiple customer service reps in different departments, literally totalling close to six hours on the phone, with little to no result. They showed very little desire to help salvage our vacation. Our original booking was for three nights in a resort condo. It would have been so simple for them to book us in a nice condo/townhome like the one in our original booking. Instead they gave us two nights in a hotel, refusing to give us a third night even though that was the length of our original booking. I’ll never understand why companies don’t try to help customers who are genuinely having a bad experience at no fault of their own.