VirtualKEY makes Smart Devices, SMARTER

VirtualKEY works closely with you to provide a seamless transition for keyless entry, thermostats, flood sensors, your company-specific apps, and much more — all tailored to your properties.

We also link your Property Management System to automate digital key generation and create a higher level of customer engagement with smart workflows and rules.

Why VirtualKEY?

  • White-label App: Your brand in the palms of your customer! Customize the app with your logo and brand colors, offer concierge services and automate access for service delivery
  • Time-Sensitive Keyless Access: Automated time-sensitive access for guests, staff and concierge services delivery for multiple access points. Control the doors remotely.
  • API Access: Eliminate Barriers, Streamline Operations, Use Customer Insights and the result, Product innovation. APIs for our customers and partners so that we all can deliver better experiences.
  • Audit Trail: Notification for everytime the door is accessed. Know when guests checked-in, when cleaners completed tasks. The real-time heartbeat of your operations.

  • Manage Staff: Create users and groups and assign 100s of codes on 1000s of locks in a click. Permission delegation and complete control over your teams and their access levels.

  • Asset Protection and Preventive Maintenance: Identify Issues before they become a catastrophe. Immediately alert right personnel and handle emergencies the way you should.
  • Energy Savings: Automate temperature, lights and schedule rules. VirtualKEY has built intelligence on how and when it controls the devices to achieve the energy savings you expect. Typically 15% savings.
  • Automate Communication with Powerful Templates: Set the templates, trigger points and Send times.Customized automated messages personalizing the experience you deliver.
  • Smart Workflows: Real-time field status without the need to download a mobile app. Know the guest checked-in/out, Staff finished their tasks or the property is ready for the next guest (similar functionality available for tenants / long term rentals). Save upto 30% in Operating costs.
  • Smart Rules: Set Rules for your Smart Devices and unleash the power of a home automation. Pre-set library available to activate rules in less than a minute! 15% Energy Savings and an unbeatable Customer Experience.
  • Boost Occupancy: Stay Extension Automation generates 11% direct bookings in a high-season for our customers today. Also, offer early check-in/out. Auto-updates access validity without changing the access code or the digital key.

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