360° self check-in

Thanks to Vikey’s innovative check-in system you can forget city crossings, cancelled flights, unexpected events and long delays waiting for your guests by checking them in directly from your smartphone! With Vikey’s remote check-in, self check-in and online check-in you can choose the preferred way to have guests access your apartment!

Vikey does not require building permits. As Vikey is installed completely inside your apartment it does not require any building permits.

Open by Phone Call

Once your guest reaches your apartment he/she will ring the intercom. You will immediately receive a phone call from the intercom which will allow you to communicate with the guest. By pressing 5 on your phone’s keypad you will then be able to open the building door, and by pressing 8 you will be able to open the apartment door.

Open by App

Your guest will contact you as soon as he/she reaches your apartment (via Whatsapp or by calling you directly on your phone). At this point you can open your App, click on “Open Building Door” to open the building door and on “Open Door” to open the apartment door.

Self Check-In

Once you have created a new reservation on your personal Vikey Dashboard, your guest will receive an automated email informing him/her of the system and sending a personal reservation key. With the reservation key your guest will be able to access the App and open both the building and the apartment door in complete autonomy for the duration of the stay (only for guests with 3G/free roaming).

The 360° Check-In System

Forget all check-in bureaucracy with our management portal. Simple, safe and effective. Checking in has never been this easy…

  • Synchronize your bookings from OTA, PMS or Channel Managers or enter them on our management software
  • The guest receives an email for the online check-in
  • Receive documents, payments and signed contracts
  • Check-in completed easily

Vikey digitizes all aspects of the check-in process by automating each step: from receiving guest documents, to requesting extra fees such as tourist taxes and signing the lease and apartment T&C’s. Simply add a reservation to the Vikey portal or synchronize them with our OTA, PMS and Channel Manager integrations.

Vikey’s Online Check-In Features include:

  • ID/Document Submission: In an airline-style check-in, your guest will be able complete all the documentation necessary for the stay and send it across before his/her arrival. All the documents will be received in the standard European format compatibile with the State Police’s Portal. Once you have received all the documents and IDs necessary you may upload them directly to the State Police Portal.
  • Tourist Taxes: With Vikey you can redeem all guest payments. You will be able to take full advantage of our platform to request tourist taxes and extra services which the guest can pay for directly through the App.
  • OTP Contract Signature: Do you have a contract or T&C’s to be signed by your guest? With Vikey everything can be digitally signed and stored on our platform. Our signature system is simple and secure utilizing the same standards used by banking services.
  • API and Integrations: Thanks to Vikey’s integration systems you can automatically add all your reservations directly from your OTA, PMS and Channel Managers. In addition, thanks to our APIs you can exploit Vikey as you wish, integrating it with any smart service of your choice.

Installation Within the Apartment

The Vikey installation is simple and can be done by any technician. The Vikey is usually installed next to the apartment intercom handset in order to control the building door and is connected to the apartment door in order to automatically open it.

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