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Contactor security services

For over 35 years, Valley Alarm has delivered reliable, cutting-edge electronic security products and services at a superior value. We serve both commercial and residential clients throughout Southern California.

We provide the absolute finest customer experience from beginning to end. Nothing less is acceptable. We are big enough to get the job done, yet small enough to care.

When it comes right down to it, nothing is more important than the security of your family, home or business. So it’s critical the company you entrust with protecting what’s most important in your life provides uncompromising quality and world class service. Valley Alarm is that company.

Fully Licensed—Fully Experienced

Licensed by the State of California, Valley Alarm provides design, consultation, installation, maintenance and central station services for all types of commercial, residential and governmental customers. We are also trusted by many leading contractors to provide security for their new construction projects.

Locally owned and operated, Valley Alarm has been serving the Greater Los Angeles area since 1981. Because we are local we can provide better service and keep costs down. At the same time, Valley Alarm is also one of the largest security companies in the United States, so we have the size and resources to get the job done right. When you choose Valley Alarm, you get the best of both worlds.

No Compromises

While other companies use a one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter approach to security, at Valley Alarm we understand that every situation is unique. We believe each and every customer needs and deserves a custom-tailored security solution. Your protection is just too important to do it any other way. That’s why our security professionals take the time to completely analyze and understand your needs, and only then design and recommend a comprehensive solution to fully meet your specific requirements.

While other companies choose to cut costs by monitoring their systems from locations in other parts of the country, we monitor all of our security systems right here in the Los Angeles area. Why? To provide the fastest and most reliable response possible in emergency situations. And with Valley Alarm you own your security system, so there are no hassles if you move or need to disconnect. The bottom line? We never compromise your security or satisfaction by cutting corners.

An Industry Leader

Valley Alarm is a recognized leader in the security industry. Bob Michel, Valley Alarm’s president, is past president of the Greater Los Angeles Security Alarm Association (GLASAA) and is currently vice-president of the California Alarm Association.

Valley Alarm projects have also been featured in industry trade journals as examples of security best practices. And thanks to our thousands of satisfied customers Valley Alarm continues to grow rapidly, as demonstrated by our acquisitions of other leading security companies. This growth translates to stability and rock-solid performance for our customers, today and in the years ahead.

Our mission and commitment is to provide our customers with the very best security available, 24-hours a day, every day of the year. Whether it’s a fire, burglary or medical emergency, we are ready to respond at any moment. You can feel safe knowing your family or business is protected by the most sophisticated equipment available, installed by highly-qualified security technicians and monitored continuously by the very best security professionals in the business.

Service is Our Business

At Valley Alarm, we pride ourselves on our customer care, building our reputation on our consistent responsiveness. Two days or two years after your system installation, our representatives are immediately available to address your needs or questions.

Because Valley Alarm specifically services only the Greater Los Angeles area, our technicians and representatives can ensure you personal and timely service, from consultation to installation, service and upgrades. Service is our business. Individual attention and quick response is our guarantee.

If you’re looking for a company that combines the best of all worlds and is dedicated to providing real security solutions, look no further. You just found your security company. Valley Alarm. We invite you to contact us today for a consultation.

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