Open communication. Direct bookings. No service fees.

We encourage vacation rental owners to promote their homes, their brand, and their reputation so that guests can make informed decisions when selecting a vacation home. The owner is a vital part of a successful stay and should never be removed from the booking process.

Compare Vacation Rental Websites is a vacation rental advertising platform. We are NOT an Online Travel Agency (OTA). OTAs charge service fees. Service fees increase the cost of vacation rentals, reduce your income and complicate the booking process.

Compare Service Fees on Vacation Rental Websites

To see how service fees increase the cost of a reservation and decrease the host’s income, compare a $1,000 reservation and what it will actually cost on each site. Travelers want to find the best value when booking a vacation home. Help them find you with

Tripz Promise to Owners

  • We will always provide YOUR guests direct contact info, from inquiry to booking
  • We will always empower you to book direct and promote your business as well as your properties
  • Search results based on transparent property prioritization, not fee based prioritization

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We rented the pink house in tulum

We rented the pink house in tulum, mexico. It was so easy, we inquired and were instantly given the owners direct number. Then we called the next day, and the owner was super nice, they even said we could check in at anytime, no extra charges. When we booked, there were no hidden fees, no resort fees, nothing like that! Our entire trip was a success, and we saved a lot of $ towards other things. We’ll be using this service forever!

Great Platform is the best is an awesome vacation rental service. Tripz does not charge service fees like the majority of the contest, and they provide an immediate link to the property owner, meaning that you're able to find the best price on any home that you choose to rent in their website.No uncertainty, they remain just one of the ideal. I love them!!!