Touch Stay

Everything your guests will ever need to know before and during their stay. All just a click away.

Everything your guests will ever need to know before and during their stay. And all just a click away!

All your content is stored in one single online location. Our mobile web app packages that content in an easy and beautiful form. You then share your guest welcome book by sending guests a link (they don’t need to sign up or download an app!)

Share all your insider tips
Use our Google Places integration to help guests live like a local. Add the best restaurants, tourist attractions, and more.

Supply practical information
Provide guests with driving directions, access instructions, check-in times, the nearest ATM or grocery store, and more.

Available on every device
Guests can access the guest welcome book from any device and any location using a unique website link. No sign up or app required!

PDF & print capability
Touch Stay is first & foremost a digital guest welcome book. But you and your guests can save a PDF or print it if needed.


When you make something digital you open up so many more possibilities. Take a look at some of the cool features that a subscription to Touch Stay’s digital guest welcome book comes with…

  • Add attractions with Google Places: No painstaking manual entry for your local tips. Simply use the built in Google Places tool and let technology do the rest!
  • Your suggestions with TripAdvisor: Once Google has added your favorite restaurant, simply add the restaurant’s TripAdvisor link. Your tip with TripAdvisor’s reviews!
  • Practical information for relaxed guests: Driving directions? Access instructions? Check-out process? Information that guests can access before and during their stay!

Behind the Scenes

  • 14 day trial, no obligation, no credit card
  • Provide guests helpful pre arrival information
  • Add links to driving directions, websites, etc
  • Simple organisation and formatting tools
  • Preview your book at the touch of a button

The (Free) Extra Touches

  • Add your local tips using Google Places
  • Add TripAdvisor reviews to your inside tips
  • Efficient handling of multiple properties
  • Add location pins to the map
  • Built in print option for your home

For Your Guests

  • Easy guest invitation process
  • Free to use and no sign up required
  • Optimized for both PC and mobile devices
  • Offline access for those without connectivity
  • Print option for those without gadgets

And always responsive and personal customer support, whether you’re a vacation rental owner, property manager, hotel owner, b&b owner, or guest!

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