The Curious Host

It's all an experiment

Thinking about opening an Airbnb or vacation rental? Looking for ways to improve your listing? Just want to talk shop? You’ve come to the right place.

My name is Owen and The Curious Host is my blog. I’m a Real Estate lawyer by trade, having trained in the UK working for the hospitality industry. In 2016 my wife and I moved to the USA so I don’t practice law now. My son was born soon after we moved, and I became a stay at home dad. When my wife left me (she came back, don’t worry), I started The Great Airbnb Experiment.

Now I spend my time improving my Airbnb offerings, thinking up new projects and doing experiments to test my ideas. I share my success and failure with you and hope that you can learn from my experiences.

I help other people get started too. People from all over the world. Friends and family first, and now strangers.

I’m not a business guru, I just find this fun. But I want this blog to help you too. I want to hear if my writing inspired you to go from thinking about listing, to doing it. I want to know if you implement my ideas and if you made them work. I want your feedback and (dare I say it) criticism. So chime in. Speak up. Share your thoughts with me.

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