The Abundant Host

Hi. I’m Amy, a location-independent entrepreneur living an international yet nourishing lifestyle. I have a home base city in the U.S. and several cities I consider partial homes.

I created The Abundant Host because hosting on Airbnb has brought so much joy and freedom to my life—and I want to share that with others.

My definition of success is “freedom. I want to help people feel free to move around this world however they desire.

Airbnb hosts are some of the most expansive, open-minded people I know.

  • We’re world travelers.
  • We’re willing to take chances.
  • We know that when we put our highest intentions out there, results will come to us.
  • We believe in community, in connection, in the goodness of human beings.
  • We believe in the journey.
  • We want to do, create and explore—and most importantly, we want to share beautiful experiences.

During my first full year of hosting on Airbnb, I earned way more than my annual rent—while still living there by myself for more than half of that year. I was able to have experiences I never would have if not for Airbnb.

But in 2013, when I started to look for intentional resources on Airbnb hosting, I couldn’t find what I was looking for.

I found some books and news forums—things that were less important to me as an Airbnb host trying to succeed. I wanted actionable checklists, concrete tips, and best practices to help me get started on the right foot and host more high-quality guests who also highly valued my place.

I was also looking for a reflection of what I felt. I wanted actionable tools with heart.

Sure, maybe a couple I haven’t met is sleeping in my bed—but I’m facilitating their wondrous, magical experience in a brand new city. How beautiful is that?

Maybe they’re making silly Instagram stories of themselves in my living room.

Maybe they’re starting a fire in the fire place and drinking the best wine they’ve ever had.

Maybe they’re using my juicer for greens and loving how amazing they feel in their bodies.

These real human connections are what keep me inspired to host on Airbnb.

Of course, the money is so important—I probably wouldn’t do it for free (unless our society didn’t run on dollars, but that’s a whole ‘nother story). But, if I didn’t feel some measure of intuitive connection with each and every one of my guests, I wouldn’t approve them. I just wouldn’t feel comfortable.

I created The Abundant Host to help you on your journey.

This isn’t an app that’s going to do everything for you so you are oblivious to everyone who eats in your kitchen. That doesn’t generate the kind of guests you want.

I’ll give you the guides, checklists, resources, and most importantly, real human stories—that will help fuel your seamless, lucrative and connected experiences hosting on Airbnb.

I’ll help you get 100% ready to host in minimal time—while still retaining that which the Airbnb model strives to run on, which is a strong sense of community, connection and home.

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