Test Before You Invest

Wondering what you could do with your property?

Test Before You Invest offers you affordable property and design advice so that you can:

  • See the big picture so you understand your property’s key parameters, before investing all your hard earned money in a detailed architectural service…
  • Get answers quick by receiving advice within 48-72 hours, so you’re not waiting for critical information that helps determine your next move. We make key advice accessible and affordable…
  • At an affordable price empowering you to know whether to invest, by offering a property assessment by experienced architects who can support you on your journey

We break the service of architecture into easy-to-action steps, delivered in a matter of days, at an affordable price. This assessment is a great way to manage your expectations early, before diving into this exciting but complex process.

Our advice to you includes:

  • An assessment of your property’s key parameters to consider
  • A 3D analysis of what might be possible based off your parameters
  • A concept design in response to your brief, in preparation for approval

Test Before You Invest breaks the service of architecture into easy-to-action steps, delivered in a matter of days, at an affordable price. To obtain this kind of feedback, traditionally you require a more substantial service, costing time and money.

Our services are perfect for those who are:

  • Looking to purchase a property: when you don’t have the time to wait or a lot of money to spend
  • Looking to renovate your property: but you can’t justify a full architectural fee until you know a more about your parameters
  • Looking to add value to your property by selling with an assessment that identifies your properties opportunities

Understand your property’s opportunities and constraints before diving into the detail:

  • Provide you with the fundamentals. For example, what is your property’s maximum permissible height, maximum developable area, and what are your environmental considerations such as sunlight, trees, noise, topography and overlooking; and
  • Provide you with an analysis of that data specific to your site. For example, how much area do you have to work with, where can it go, how does it convert into room sizes and how much will it cost.
  • We are here to help you feel confident about making decisions about your property before you over invest. We empower the individual, by providing you with the right level of information to feel confident it is a sound development to invest in.

Providing an affordable assessment by a qualified architect can save you money down the track, as the due-diligence will have already been undertaken upfront.

You will have a better idea of your brief and budget, making the next stage smoother and more efficiently. One of the easiest ways for time and cost to blow out, is when the brief is constantly changing.  

We understand, it’s difficult to know exactly what you want, so this report helps you establish a brief for your property, before you wasting unnecessary fees on consultants too early. 

It is  a great way to manage your expectations upfront, before diving into what is an exciting but complex process. Developing a property is one of the biggest investments in one’s lifetime, so why not start on the right foot.

Learn along the way. Not only does this assessment provide you with the key parameters of your site, but it is also a guideline, providing you with general information about project timelines, approval processes and the value of your service provider.

We are here to help you through the property maze.  We help make this process as smooth as possible by providing you with helpful information upfront.

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