Synchronize your BnB bookings across multiple channels

Double your revenue by synchronizing your calendars across 200+ channels, with 100% success and money back guarantee.

Let technology work for you…

  • Advanced AI: We employ advanced machine learning techniques to automatically update your properties across hundreds of channels. Coupled by Human Quality Assurance, we ensure your bookings get synchronized in near real time and absolute reliability. >
  • Real-time Sync: We ensure 100% success in updating your property bookings across all vacation rental websites. Where others support 5 or 10 websites, and most of them 1-way, we support real 2-way sync with hundreds of channels. We can even sync with your own website! >
  • Multiple Configuration Setup: Do you want to offer your house as a whole house, but you also want to offer each room separately? Syncbnb gives you that option! >
  • Zero Double Booking: We are so confident in our service since we are the only channel manager that can offer a Zero Double Booking Guarantee. >
  • Easy Setup: Syncbnb is super easy to setup with zero maintenance effort. >
  • Technology: World class technology that enables amazing features >
  • Supported Channels: 200+ Channels will bring you all the bookings you can handle >

Vacation Rental Calendar Synchronization

Our core product is calendar synchronization between different vacation rental channels (or listing sites) like Airbnb,, Homeaway, Tripadvisor/Flipkey and hundreds more.

Syncbnb is the first and only vacation rental channel manager that can synchronize listings between more than 200+ channels with 100% success rate and a money back guarantee.

At the heart of our platform is a Quality Assurance mechanism that checks each and every channel update to make sure that the correct dates have been updated. If for any reason the update has not been executed correctly with the default update method, Syncbnb falls back to the next available update method. If that fails, we fallback to the next and so on until our QA system has verified that the calendars have been modified correctly.

  • 200+ Channels: Actually, not 200 channels… All channels! Any channel in the world. As long as it’s in English and more than 2 customers ask for it, we will include it!

  • Sync with your own website: We are the only channel manager in the world that can sync your calendars with any website, even your custom website. Be it WordPress, Wix, Joomla, Drupal, you name it, we support it.
  • Real-time, 2-way sync on ALL channels: Most of the competition at this price range uses ical connectivity to update calendars, which means 2-4 hour delays at minimum, and 8-12 hour delays possible. That means double bookings. We sync with all channels always under 10 minutes, and usually under 5.
  • 100% update success guarantee: If we miss our target for even 1 booking, the whole month is free. We are THAT confident.
  • Easiest setup possible: If you have tried other channel managers, you will be BLOWN AWAY at how easy Syncbnb is. Setup is instant, and almost zero effort is needed after that. Just sit back and enjoy the peace of mind you so much need.

Revenue Booster

You know that listing on multiple channels can multiply your revenue, and that the most difficult part is keeping all the calendars synchronized. You also know that Syncbnb is the solution to that problem.

However, Syncbnb can help you with another problem too: Uploading your content on new channels!

Each channel has its own rules and peculiarities, its own capabilities and restrictions, and it’s not always an easy task.

For example, many channels have different rules for the sizes of the photos in multiple sizes before uploading, making a seemingly simple task troublesome and daunting.

Syncbnb offers a unique Revenue Booster Service that scans your existing listings on any channel, normalizes the data, and then uploads everything on any channel you wish. We can even help you choose the right channel for you, based on location, property type, seasonality, etc. The whole process is overseen by a professional vacation rental manager who makes sure all your content is duplicated correctly.

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Absolutely Brilliant!

Absolutely Brilliant! I have been using Hosthub for about 4 months, which has transformed how I manage my holiday let. I don't have concerns about double bookings anymore and the Hosthub calendar is my single source of truth regarding bookings. I know you can use spreadsheets and other means to look after your bookings but why do that when you can access all your data online? Plus you can download the app which is perfect for checking your calendar at any time. I went for the annual fee as it was more cost-effective than paying monthly. So far I have recommended two people I know who both have holiday rentals. The first is currently in trial, and the second said "why?" after successfully managing 315 bookings manually. The very next day he had a double booking and now fully understands the needs for a single calendar across his channels. If you have a holiday let or multiple holiday lets this is an absolute must without breaking the bank. The online support throughout has been first-class!

Hosthub is a God Send

Hosthub is a God Send! I tired out a competitor last month and was not happy. The competitor was 4.5x's more expensive. I had to import all my current bookings manually to start. They weren't compatible with two of the four channels I use. The interface was clunky. They did offer a direct booking website and payment processing system with that 4.5x's higher price. Hosthub's flat rate for these services is by far preferable in the long run. Hosthub's guarantee of no double booking is testament that they care. The team and software are cutting edge. The help and support are stellar. I also got the Price Labs software which partners very well with Hosthub. The channel integration is seamless, allowing flexibility to still modify things within each channel like promotions. The reporting features make data analysis automatic. I can even invite the property manager or a partner into the account with chosen limited access. There is an expense recording feature I'd like to use, but I already use LandlordStudio, which integrates with my banks and cards for easier accounting. The software also allows me to attach scans of receipts to each entry in case of audit. If Hosthub had these bonus feature, that'd be amazing, a one stop shop for Short Term Rental people like me. I am loving Hosthub and see myself with them for years to come.