Safely secure reservations in one click without the hassle of dealing with cheques or bank transfers

Swiftly is a safe, third party online payment system that allows users to secure reservations or security deposits via a credit/debit card imprint.

  • Simple and practical: Request a swik and manage your deposits in just a couple of clicks.
  • Account security: All payments are securely processed by our banking partners.
  • Extended delay: You can secure your deposits for a few hours or several months.
  • Debit/credit card limits: Your clients’ card limits are not affected when you request a deposit.
  • Partial deposit collection: With Swikly you can ask to be paid all or part of a deposit.
  • Secure and flexible: You can continue your on-site transactions knowing that your sales and reservations are secured.
  • Automatic service: You can automatically handle your requests via your chosen apps and tools (Mailing, Channel Manager, Booking.com…).
  • Disputes: Swikly can act as an arbitrator in the event of any disputes with your clients. Keep up a good reputation!

How do you Benefit?

  • Automate your deposits online.
  • You client’s bank card limit is not affected.
    Reduce check-in times.
  • Free up time so that you can focus on welcoming and dealing with your clients or guests.
  • In the event of damage, you can ask that part of or the entire deposit be paid to you.
  • Integrate Swikly with your Channel Manager or Property Management System

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