Safely secure reservations in one click without the hassle of dealing with cheques or bank transfers

Swiftly is a safe, third party online payment system that allows users to secure reservations or security deposits via a credit/debit card imprint.

  • Simple and practical: Request a swik and manage your deposits in just a couple of clicks.
  • Account security: All payments are securely processed by our banking partners.
  • Extended delay: You can secure your deposits for a few hours or several months.
  • Debit/credit card limits: Your clients’ card limits are not affected when you request a deposit.
  • Partial deposit collection: With Swikly you can ask to be paid all or part of a deposit.
  • Secure and flexible: You can continue your on-site transactions knowing that your sales and reservations are secured.
  • Automatic service: You can automatically handle your requests via your chosen apps and tools (Mailing, Channel Manager, Booking.com…).
  • Disputes: Swikly can act as an arbitrator in the event of any disputes with your clients. Keep up a good reputation!

How do you Benefit?

  • Automate your deposits online.
  • You client’s bank card limit is not affected.
    Reduce check-in times.
  • Free up time so that you can focus on welcoming and dealing with your clients or guests.
  • In the event of damage, you can ask that part of or the entire deposit be paid to you.
  • Integrate Swikly with your Channel Manager or Property Management System

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Swikly.com. Booking. Com. Beware this company act only in the…

Beware this company act only in the interests of their clients who rent out holiday letts throughout Europe. Having booked the Effet Waouh apartment in Perpignan via booking.com. I arrived to find a cockroach infested slum and had to relocate to a nearby hotel. Booking. Com say not our problem speak to swikly who say not our problem speak to a company called winki. Winki are swikly under a different guise. They say speak to the owner of the apartment who's phone number does not exist. No complaints resolution from any company above including booking. Com, They have taken my cash and act like a mafia.


So far TERRIBLE. I received a link from a renter, I payed a caution, the site gave me a confirmation number, but it sent no confirmation email, the renter is still asking for the caution, an email sent to SWIKLY asking for the confirmation email remains unanswered, and there is no way to go anywhere on their site, give the confirmation number, and get a copy (or any trace) of the transaction. I hope it's not a scam, but it smells like one.