Safely secure reservations in one click without the hassle of dealing with cheques or bank transfers

Swiftly is a safe, third party online payment system that allows users to secure reservations or security deposits via a credit/debit card imprint.

  • Simple and practical: Request a swik and manage your deposits in just a couple of clicks.
  • Account security: All payments are securely processed by our banking partners.
  • Extended delay: You can secure your deposits for a few hours or several months.
  • Debit/credit card limits: Your clients’ card limits are not affected when you request a deposit.
  • Partial deposit collection: With Swikly you can ask to be paid all or part of a deposit.
  • Secure and flexible: You can continue your on-site transactions knowing that your sales and reservations are secured.
  • Automatic service: You can automatically handle your requests via your chosen apps and tools (Mailing, Channel Manager, Booking.com…).
  • Disputes: Swikly can act as an arbitrator in the event of any disputes with your clients. Keep up a good reputation!

How do you Benefit?

  • Automate your deposits online.
  • You client’s bank card limit is not affected.
    Reduce check-in times.
  • Free up time so that you can focus on welcoming and dealing with your clients or guests.
  • In the event of damage, you can ask that part of or the entire deposit be paid to you.
  • Integrate Swikly with your Channel Manager or Property Management System

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App to help landlords unlawfully STEAL your deposit

DO NO USE this tool, it's designed to steal your deposit. I booked an appartment in Paris and was asked to authorize a deposit on Swikly. The only thing I got was a webpage with a payment gateway. Nothing more. I entered my credit card details. What I wasn't told, not by the landlord, not by swilky was that I was going to be resposible for doing inventory. 1. Swilky's page and UX didn't say anything about this. 2. Emails informing me about this went very conveniently for Swilky to my spam folder. 3. It's OK for Swilky to charge my deposit, but when I try to login to their site, I get yet another 'convenient' message saying that my login/password combination is incorrect. All this is very convenient to keep renters in the dark, so Swikly can help landlords to steal from you. After my stay, my deposit was kept since the landlord claimed 'I made a mirror disappear'. That mirror was NEVER there at the appartment. But nobody claims to know about anything. As a renter you're presumed guilty until proven innocent: the landlord can leave you a completely broken home, even claim that stuf that was never there was actually there. And then it's up to you as renter to spot all pitfals. And in case you missed one thing, Swikly just steals your money. There is zero responsability on the landlords side: in my case, he should prove that that mirror wasn't there, which he can't because it wasn't there. But Swikly doent's care, they're just after your money. It's a clear SCAM where swikly helps the landlords steal your money. Run away as fast as you can. Oh, and I'm sure the community manager will post here below a nice comment saying 'So sorry, but we can't help'. A message for you: why don't you go do something else then laugh in peoples faces and stop working for a dishonest SCAM?

Swikly did do such a bad job

Swikly did do such a bad job. They did some deposit business with the renter i rented an apartment for a few days. And now there are some arguments and Swikly only listened to the renter and paid the deposit to the renter. I'm very disappointed with that company. I will never ever do any booking again where that company is involved. And i strongly recommend if you don't want to have problems, do the same.

Don’ trust this company

Don’ trust this company. They pull money from your creditcard without documentation. This company is doing fraud. They work togheter with booking.com and other renting companies. Don’t rent anything if this company is involved. Regarding the answer from Swikly here. You can take picture of broken things when check in. There was now problem with the bed when we was renting and we didn’t report any wrong with the bed. Ofter coming home the rent out company said we broke a leg on the bed and Swikly pulled 75 Euro from us for damaging the bed. We asked for ducumentation. Swikly accepted a picture of a bed leg alone as evedence that we have broken it. There is nothing wrong with the bed leg on the picture. Is this a picture taken from the apartment we rented? What date is the picture of the bed leg taken? Is this a bed leg from a bed in the apartment we rented? The picture that we received is of a bed leg with hardend glue on it, was the leg broken from before? Not any picture of a bed with broken leg. The rent out company working with Swikly can have a picture of bed leg, and send that to Swikly for evedence that you as a renter has broken the bed, every time. Fraud. When Swikly accept this as evedence that we have damage the bed, and Swikly pull money from our creditcard, Swikly is part of fraud. Visa and Mastercard is notified. NEVER rent anything from a company dealing with Swikly! Ne faites pas confiance à cette entreprise. Ils retirent de l'argent de votre carte de crédit sans documentation. Cette entreprise fait de la fraude. Ils travaillent avec booking.com et d'autres sociétés de location. Ne louez rien si cette entreprise est impliquée. Concernant la réponse de Swikly ici. Vous pouvez prendre des photos de choses cassées lors de l'enregistrement. Il y avait maintenant un problème avec le lit lors de la location et nous n'avons signalé aucun problème avec le lit. Souvent en rentrant à la maison, la société de location a déclaré que nous nous étions cassé une jambe sur le lit et Swikly nous a retiré 75 euros pour avoir endommagé le lit. Nous avons demandé une ducumentation. Swikly a accepté une photo d'un pied de lit seul comme preuve que nous l'avons cassé. Il n'y a rien de mal avec le pied de lit sur la photo. Est-ce une photo prise de l'appartement que nous avons loué ? À quelle date la photo du pied de lit est-elle prise ? S'agit-il d'un pied de lit dans l'appartement que nous avons loué ? La photo que nous avons reçue est celle d'un pied de lit avec de la colle dure dessus, est-ce que le pied était cassé avant ? Pas de photo d'un lit avec une jambe cassée. La société de location travaillant avec Swikly peut avoir une photo du pied du lit et l'envoyer à Swikly pour prouver que vous, en tant que locataire, avez cassé le lit à chaque fois. Fraude. Lorsque Swikly accepte cela comme preuve que nous avons endommagé le lit et que Swikly retire de l'argent de notre carte de crédit, Swikly fait partie de la fraude. Visa et Mastercard est notifié. Ne louez JAMAIS quoi que ce soit à une entreprise faisant affaire avec Swikly !