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SuperShuttle is the nation’s leading shared-ride shuttle service, providing ground transportation to more than 9 million customers per year. Passengers can book a shuttle through our website, over the phone or at just a click of a button, through the easy to use mobile app. From our start in 1983 to our openings in 50+ cities today, SuperShuttle continues to expand and provide passengers with affordable and convenient airport rides.

Avoid at all costs...

Avoid at all costs.... and pay extra if you need to! Shuttles turn up when they want to turn up (not to any time); you have to hunt to the coordinator down to then find your pick up time/point; they demand a piece of paper proving your booking as they have no records; and overall it is just a Micky mouse service, probably better as a ride at Disneyland rather than Miami. Please.... it will totally mess up your trip using these guys, and I have had plenty of bad rides (and good ones) to gauge this against.

A negative rating is not possible…

Seems a negative rating is not possible but it is well deserved. I planned ahead and pre-booked a ride from Louisville Airport as I was coming in after midnight and wanted to ensure I had a ride. I arrived 25 minutes early and as soon as I landed I got a text directing me where to go and a local dispatch number to call if i had any issues. I had a back to wait for so I came out to the designated area roughly 15 minutes early. I found five possible Z-Trip cars there but I had no information as to which was there to pick me up. I called the number asking how I was to know which was there for me as a pre-paid fare. Within 10 minutes of my pickup time I was told I had not been assigned a car as yet. I said that seemed odd considering I was there and five of their cars were there. They said give it 5 minutes and by then I would be notified. I got no notification even at my actual pickup time. I then called the dispatch number again but no one answered. At that point I went and asked the drivers that were mostly all clustered outside one of the cars how I was to know who was to give me a ride. Two of them said they would not take a pre-paid fare. One of them said he would take me but needed to know my transaction code # so he could tale the credit. While waiting for him to sort that out, I got a notice that I had taken a ride and was in route to my destination. It seems someone else took my assigned car while I was trying to sort this out as by then there were 8 of their cars there. I then called the dispatch for the third or fourth time and told them I had still not been picked up, it was now 15 minutes past my pickup time, it seemed someone else had taken my assigned vehicle as I was never told which one it actually was, and I then demanded they reassign me to the driver I had already loaded my things into his car. He was also on the phone trying to get it reassigned as I was on the phone. By then it was over 20 minutes past my pickup time, two of the drivers that had originally refused to take me were arguing about if it was right for the car I was in to take me. A few other of their cars had come and gone during this saga. Finally, I directed the driver to just go and I would pay him again if needed as I wanted to get home. By the time we got out of the airport complex the dispatch had finally gotten things changed up. I was still on the phone with them when the electronic notice came through to the driver. I said this was the worst service I had ever experienced and requested a refund for the fact that it was almost 30 minutes past my pickup time by then and someone else had managed to get my original car as I was never told which car it was. Completely horrible experience and no way to actually leave this review on theor platform. I assume that is simply because it would be filled with similar stories of horrible le service. I will not use them again. So much for planning ahead and having a ride waiting.