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No matter your travel needs, SuperShuttle has versatile transportation solutions to fit every situation and budget! Groups large and small, families, business travelers, and solo adventurers – we make airport rides easy for you!

SuperShuttle is the nation’s leading shared-ride shuttle service, providing ground transportation to more than 9 million customers per year. Passengers can book a shuttle through our website, over the phone or at just a click of a button, through the easy to use mobile app. From our start in 1983 to our openings in 50+ cities today, SuperShuttle continues to expand and provide passengers with affordable and convenient airport rides.

No care for customers

Went to make a booking and they said fully booked. I asked if they would put on extra services seeing they’re so busy - their response ways to ‘take a taxi’. Dunedin airport to city in a taxi is $100+ - poor service, why even comment? Also why not have a service when there’s a clear demand? One would think they’d want to be making the most of travellers using their services again. Not going to bother with them again, their attitude and customer service was appalling.

I would give this company a zero if I…

I would give this company a zero if I could. Will never use again. I had a reservation and in the chance that I might have been 5 minutes late, I called to make sure they knew I might be a little late due to baggage claim delays. The operator responded in a condescending way but assuring that my shuttle was going to be there on time and waiting for me even if I am a few minutes late. Waiting with my wife and children at the airport after 20 minutes past our reservation time nearly 2AM by then, my wife called and was told that there were no drivers in our area. My wife asked if we would be charged the same amount and the operator said yes. I know it is not in the operator's power to do anything, but this was still very frustrating to hear. I called again to demand an update on when we might be getting a shuttle. I was supposed to receive a call 10 minutes later but never received one for the entire night. I had to wait in a long line for a taxi and we did not get home until 4:30 AM. We had a snowstorm that night with a lot of ice and from what it sounded like, a lot of drivers were just not showing up. Even if that is so, don't tell me my shuttle will arrive on time waiting for me when it seems that you know drivers are not arriving. Also be courteous to give an update on when a shuttle might be coming or not coming so discussion about a refund or reduced charge can be started. I got no shuttle, therefore no service, and when I asked for a refund, they told me to fill out a survey (which I filled out) and have not heard anything back. Please don't use Supershuttle ever. I feel they used to be good but not anymore.

We have used supershuttle for 10 years

We have used supershuttle for 10 years, and they were our go-to service. We booked in June for an October trip, but yet, no text when we landed, wandered around the airport in Vegas for an hour until we could actually reach a live person who told us to go to a certain door and we went there and.. no car. We had to scramble to hire a new car service, which was about the same price, disputed the prepaid charge on our credit card, and we ended up getting a much better deal from the resort for an SUV back to the airport!