Insured, global luggage storage solution with 4.8/5 review score

Stasher connects guests with hotels and shops across the world where they can store their bags before or after their stay. This service frees guests to enjoy their last day luggage free – and alleviates the operational hassle of you organising late check-outs or rearranging cleaning to allow guests to leave luggage in the apartment.

You simply refer guests to our site – it costs only £6 for 24h (including insurance up to £1000).

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Great Customer Assistance

My airbnb which was on the app essentially tried to scam me over storage with my bags. One of their customer help employees, Iara, helped me immensely. Really good company with great employees who genuinely try to help.

They owned my complaint and made things right 🙂

Took my bag to a Stasher location in Piccadilly, London (Piccadilly Food & Wine/Tobacco Essentials) while we went to a show in a nearby theatre. My own bag, and those of other customers, were not kept in a locked facility but simply placed above and beside a drinks display fridge on the main shop floor. Therefore, any passing person could have accessed the bags if they’d wanted to. I was uncomfortable about keeping my bag there for any duration and picked it up again after a couple of hours. Fortunately, there were no issues as my bag and its contents remained intact. However I found the lack of adequate security uncomfortable and would not use this service again EDIT: Following the above review, I was contacted by Stasher who were very concerned about the situation I described. They have since spoken to the host, apologised to me and refunded my booking in full so I have updated this rating accordingly. I appreciated their concern and their prompt response

Stasher sandwich bags

Stasher sandwich bags. I have at least six of these bags & use them in the freezer. They are very well made. They can be used as a boil in the bag meal that was frozen & reheated. A very good product that will last for years. I got mine from Peter of Kensington which only took 2 days from me ordering to it being delivered, very fast delivery.