Space Photo

Real estate, property photography in London

Property photography is one of the most important selling and marketing tools in today’s real estate industry. At Space Photo, we have the technical skills and industry expertise to professionally photograph your property for a quick sale at the price you want.

In order to get the sale that you want, you need to ensure that your property is photographed by professionals who know exactly how to make your house or apartment seem as inviting as possible. In London’s property market, how you present your property can be more important than the property itself, which is why using professional property photographers is such an important decision.

At Space Photo, we pride ourselves on producing well-composed, atmospheric and perfectly-lit interior photography. Our team of skilled and experienced property photographers present commercial and private properties looking their best.

Do not use!!!

I wouldn’t recommend this company to anyone, if I could give zero stars it would still be to much. After agreeing the work on Thursday to be done Friday and a certificate sent out the Friday I paid, Friday I called and asked for my certificate, Peter on the phone then went back on his word and just flat out lied and started giving me explanations and jargon which had no relevance to why my certificate wasn’t emailed to me, long story short he promised first thing Saturday morning and to no surprise I have received it.. people please be careful when using these company, Peter on the telephone will say anything in order for you to pay, guarantee you promise you repeatedly but once you pay he’s a much different person when you call back! I would never use again and would not recommend any one else to go through this ordeal