Professional Airbnb management

Entrust us with the short-term rental of your property. Whether you travel and the property is your main home or your second home where you reside periodically, in both cases we will help you maximize your income.

We promote your property simultaneously in 50+ channels. Even our clients who manage their own properties on Airbnb have seen a 100% increase in bookings from our dynamic promotion!

What SmartBnB Offers

  • Smart Airbnb Pricing: 60% of the profit of your property is due to its location and 40% is determined by the pricing strategy. Smartbnb’s dynamic pricing models update prices on Aibnb on a daily basis to optimize the performance and the ranking of your property!
  • Smart Airbnb Management: Short-term rental yields 50-100% more revenue than the long-term. It also provides the flexibility to use the property for personal use at certain intervals. We answer  guest questions 24X7 and in less than 60 minutes – we professionally manage reviews and resolutions
  • Smart Multi-Channel: Think beyond Airbnb! We promote the  property on more than 50+ international channels resulting in 50% extra income! The key is the leading multi-channel system that dynamically promotes your property to millions of visitors via Airbnb,, Homepay, Tripadvisor, Flipkey, Expedia and many other platforms