The world's most comfortable headphones for sleeping

SleepPhones® headphones are a great product to enhance your guest’s experience and get even better reviews.

The flat speakers inside of a soft, comfortable headband will allow your guests to drift off to sleep in comfort as they adjust to a different environment. The headband is machine-washable so it can be washed right along with the rest of the linens.

SleepPhones® are perfect for travel, too, so your guests can wear them on the plane or car ride home if you carry inventory.

Benefits for Hosts

  • Free SleepPhones® product
  • Discount on additional SleepPhones® product
  • Commission for each SleepPhones® sale referred

Benefits for Guests

How to Partner

  1. Click here to register as a SleepPhones affiliate
  2. Include your Airbnb listing URL under “Website / Blog” in registration form
  3. Email once registration is complete to obtain guest discount code

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Initially this product was great and…

Initially this product was great and it’s pretty good at blocking out sound and has good playing quality. However, after only about a month or less of having it the battery started deteriorating. It stopped charging all the way and the charging light would come off when it wasn’t actually fully charged. Also, I would plug it in all day and then turn it on and be at half battery. Super annoying especially because when I try to use it on half or less battery it stops working in the middle of the night and won’t turn back on. It’ll play for about a minute before shutting off again and then it’s pretty much done for the night. It’s very pricey and definitely not worth all the problems it has. I like the idea and function of it but it’s gotten very finicky in terms of actually working and it just isn’t worth the price.

Do not buy, bulky cheap headphones

The eye cover itself is of good quality, but the headphones are massive and bulky, far larger and cheaper quality than I've seen in competing brands (seriously like a couple of inches thick). I don't know what they were thinking, when you can get a competing one in which the headphones are made of a soft, flexible material. It hurt to sleep on, and took over a month to get to me, not to mention the spam they sent my inbox the entire time I was waiting. Highly don't recommend this.

The sound is good but the fit and…

The sound is good but the fit and comfort level are sub par. The technology inside is akward and press against the occipital bone. The inner workings are constantly shifting out of place because of the bulkiness of the velcro seams. Just a general nuisance to get and keep in place. The design and technology are not at a level that justifies the price. I was disappointed.