The world's most comfortable headphones for sleeping

SleepPhones® headphones are a great product to enhance your guest’s experience and get even better reviews.

The flat speakers inside of a soft, comfortable headband will allow your guests to drift off to sleep in comfort as they adjust to a different environment. The headband is machine-washable so it can be washed right along with the rest of the linens.

SleepPhones® are perfect for travel, too, so your guests can wear them on the plane or car ride home if you carry inventory.

Benefits for Hosts

  • Free SleepPhones® product
  • Discount on additional SleepPhones® product
  • Commission for each SleepPhones® sale referred

Benefits for Guests

How to Partner

  1. Click here to register as a SleepPhones affiliate
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Nice, BUT…

I bought these to be able to use headphones comfortably at night when I travel. I bought the fleece type headband and live in the hot, Deep South. With AC on they are not too warm. I like them, BUT… I measured my head 3 times!! The circumference was exactly in the middle of the middle for a size medium. The headband is TIGHT. NOT UNCOMFORTABLE TIGHT, but tight enough that I feel very sorry for those who are within the higher size limits for any of these sizes. (I MIGHT spend more of my hard-earned money and buy a size large headband). The range is VERY SHORT!! If you have a standard 1500-1800 sq.ft home these headphones will turn themselves off even if you move two rooms away. A 30-ft range is not even accessible out into the yard. I did not see that disclaimer in the online description but it is stated in the owner’s manual. (RME) Suggestions for improvement… 1. Adjust size parameters and add sizes. Some people have bigger heads than the largest measurement for a large. 2. You have a fancy charger available, how about a fancy range extender. 3. if you want people to do the “eco-friendly” thing, then provide a better shipping method than a padded envelope or mailing bag. 4. A color-matched storage bag would be convenient… with inner pockets.

Amazing Company, amazing Service

What a great company. I got these not realising how good they would be. If you lie in bed with normal headphones you have no idea what you are missing. After 6 months there was an issue with the charging so i returned them. I had to send from overseas so it took a while for the package to arrive and in the meantime I have been lying in bed with an old pair of headphones and cannot tell you how much I miss them. The good news is that my replacement is already on the way. Great product, Great after sales service; what more could you ask for.

Bed-Friendly Headphones at Last... Thank you!

This is the review I have just put on SleepPhones Trust Pilot UK address (SleepPhones which they don't appear to monitor so I am copying it here: These are just what I was looking for! Due to being bedridden, I find the regular over-ear headphones extremely uncomfortable; they actually cause neck injury/strain because they push me out of alignment - pushing my head forward because I'm resting on a pillow, and obviously you can't lay on your side with either over-ear headphones or earbuds without experiencing pain! You can lay on your side with these and still be comfortable. Some have said they become uncomfortable with all-night wear but I can't comment on that as I only use them for an hour-or-so at a time. They double as an eye-mask which is very handy for me as I always use a mask to help with rest/sleep. I chose the corded version as I don't trust wireless for health reasons, and they were despatched/arrived quickly despite covid lockdown. I have deducted one star because I sent a product enquiry (I wanted to know the frequency response) and never heard anything back from them. I'm assuming this is because they're focused on their American website - so please don't neglect your UK customers!👍🏻🙋🏻🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 All-in-all a useful and welcome addition to my routine.