The world's most comfortable headphones for sleeping

SleepPhones® headphones are a great product to enhance your guest’s experience and get even better reviews.

The flat speakers inside of a soft, comfortable headband will allow your guests to drift off to sleep in comfort as they adjust to a different environment. The headband is machine-washable so it can be washed right along with the rest of the linens.

SleepPhones® are perfect for travel, too, so your guests can wear them on the plane or car ride home if you carry inventory.

Benefits for Hosts

  • Free SleepPhones® product
  • Discount on additional SleepPhones® product
  • Commission for each SleepPhones® sale referred

Benefits for Guests

How to Partner

  1. Click here to register as a SleepPhones affiliate
  2. Include your Airbnb listing URL under “Website / Blog” in registration form
  3. Email once registration is complete to obtain guest discount code

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Defective Product x 2. They only last 7 moths!

I saw SleepPhones advertised on Mo Rocca’s Innovation Nation on CBS and decided to try them out. I originally purchased my SleepPhones Classic in May of 2020. The first pair only lasted 7 months. The wire started to bend and curl with even the slightest movement while sleeping. There was no way to unravel the wire as the bends in the wiring material were very stiff. The insulation on the wires started to crack and the wiring underneath became exposed. My SleepPhones were always taken care of and were not misused. (Only used while sleeping). I tried multiple times to unravel the wire to no avail. Once the wire curls up, which will happen to almost every set, the SleepPhones start shorting out and eventually stop working. A waste of $40! Fast forward to January of this year, I emailed SleepPhones about receiving a refund or warranty replacement after the first set failed. They said that refunds are only issued 30 days after purchase. I received a warranty replacement (speakers & cable) once I mailed in the defective pair. They said they would not provide a warranty for the replacement set. Just like clockwork it is now Aug 2021 and the replacement set has shorted out and stopped working due to curled up and bent wiring. Again, they were in no way misused. Very disappointed in this product and company. 🙁 I originally wanted the Bluetooth version of Sleep Phones, but they run $99! You can actually find products very similar to the SleepPhones headband from other brands that are Bluetooth for very reasonable prices through other vendors. I would not have purchased this product if I would have known about the defective build quality. Listen to the one star reviews! I should have! 🙁

Fantastic customer service

I have had problems with my SleepPhones v6 Classic Headband Headphones (Corded) (loose wires), BUT they have been brilliant about replacing them, quickly and with no quibbles. I've rarely had such good customer service from any other company. Make sure you buy them directly from SleepPhones!

Poor customer service

The SleepPhones I received were faulty. I contacted the company well within the 30 day return period but it has taken a long time, with much emailing back and forth, for this company to agree to provide a refund and I am still unsure if any of the postage will be refunded. They seem unfamiliar with basic consumer rights. Avoid.