The world's most comfortable headphones for sleeping

SleepPhones® headphones are a great product to enhance your guest’s experience and get even better reviews.

The flat speakers inside of a soft, comfortable headband will allow your guests to drift off to sleep in comfort as they adjust to a different environment. The headband is machine-washable so it can be washed right along with the rest of the linens.

SleepPhones® are perfect for travel, too, so your guests can wear them on the plane or car ride home if you carry inventory.

Benefits for Hosts

  • Free SleepPhones® product
  • Discount on additional SleepPhones® product
  • Commission for each SleepPhones® sale referred

Benefits for Guests

How to Partner

  1. Click here to register as a SleepPhones affiliate
  2. Include your Airbnb listing URL under “Website / Blog” in registration form
  3. Email once registration is complete to obtain guest discount code

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Great Investment

Absolutely love my sleep headphones. I use them all the time, especially for long flights. They never fall off, are easy to adjust, and are very comfortable! Sometimes I adjust the internal speakers in order to use them as headphones and a sleep mask at the same time. Granted, I've never tried some of the cheaper Amazon options, but I don't have any reason to dislike the ones I have now. The customer support is also incredibly helpful and prompt!

Do not spend the ridiculous amount of…

Do not spend the ridiculous amount of money on these headphones! They are not worth it. The cheap ones on Amazon are way better. For starters they are very hard to charge. You have to remove the battery from the cover in order to do so, which is not easy. Next, they have no battery level shown on an iPad. I contacted customer support about this and they said it was just difficult to do, however, the cheap ones on Amazon do it. Next, their customer support is awful. When I contact them about the issues, they sent me back a form letter that even had different fonts in it you could tell it was copied and pasted. Their only suggestion was to return the product for a full refund which I did. Their sound is no better than the cheap ones on Amazon, their comfort is no better than the cheap ones on Amazon. Save your money do not buy this product.

nice idea, but stil painful

These are a nice idea, but can cause pain. Yes, they may be the slimmest earpieces available, but they are still a hard plastic disc around 22mm diameter by 2mm thick. It's solid with a fabric covering, so the hard disc still presses against your ear. I understand these are probably piezo speakers and thus need to be encased by plastic, but honestly for me the discomfort can make them unwearable. I've switched back to my £10 pendant earphones.