Make your air conditioner smart

Sensibo is the ultimate device to control your air conditioner and heat pump and make it smart. With Sensibo you will be able to control, monitor, automate and save energy. In one app control many devices, and share your devices with your family at home and colleagues in the office.

Ships globally – works globally!
Sensibo is compatible in every country, and with any voltage and power outlet – installation takes less than a minute!

What are its features?

  • 7-day scheduling: Unlimited 7-day scheduling lets you finally be in control of your climate. Define as many schedules as you’d like: warm the house when you wake up in the morning, turn off the A/Cs automatically after you go to sleep, and explore endless other possibilities.
  • Climate React: With Climate React you can be in control of your comfort and energy usage. Set triggers to change the climate in your room based on temperature, humidity and comfort parameters.
    Use Climate React to protect your home and air conditioner system from extreme temperatures and humidity levels.
  • Automatically turns on and off: Using the phone location – Sensibo automatically turns on the A/C before you arrive. It also turns off the A/C when everybody leaves, and helps to save energy and enjoy a peace of mind.
  • Share with your family: Sensibo Sky can be shared with your family at home, and with your colleagues at work. Match each device to each A/C and let everyone enjoy the benefits of your new smart A/C.
  • Works with Amazon Echo and Google Home: Sensibo works with Amazon Echo & Google Home. Just one click to link Sensibo to your Amazon or Google assistant and you’re set to go. Control the temperature with your voice with no need to take the phone out of your pocket. With Sensibo you can use phrases like: ‘Alexa, turn on the living room’ and ‘Ok Google, turn off the bedroom’.
  • Open API and IFTTT: Sensibo has an extensive open API, with many extensions and integrations created by the community for SmartThings, OpenHab, Homebridge (for HomeKit) and more. Sensibo also works with IFTTT, so it’s easy to create recipes and new automations.

The DFS of Air Purifiers

Purchased a Sensibo Pure Air Freshener and well I certainly fell for the company's endless marketing. The website is just plastered with social media-based reviews, and endless claims about the product being the product you need to alleviate symptoms, improve sleep and fight sickness. Claims which have not been independently verified, unlike other well-known and more established air purifier brands. The photoshopping skills of the company website are on par with those that would find on your average eBay or Amazon listing run by a Chinese company. I bought my Sensibo Pure Air Purifier on sale and at the time it looked like a good deal, well guess what the product is still on sale even two months after I purchased mine. They went from saying Amazon Prime Day sale to Amazon Prime Day Extended Sale, to Summer Freeze Sale, to currently just a Summer Sale. This is very comical stuff. The ordering process from the company is just great, not only do they forget to mention where the product is being dispatched from. It's from China if it wasn't obvious and this will cost you a minimum of £13 in shipping for a 7-day service, of which the provided tracking is very minimal. When I did eventually get my air purifier the first impressions were not great. The build quality was so flimsy to the point you could see the obvious seamline where the plastic casing was joined together. The companion app they constantly mentioned on their website is practically just a glorified wireless switch and everything else is behind a paywall. The scheduling feature is so confusing in that you have to schedule separate on and off times. Why do I have to input an entry for when to turn on the device and then another entry to turn it off??? The monitoring facility is pointless as well if you're not a paid customer and the way the information is displayed is a very basic line graph, which for the majority of homes will never change and the sensor they keep mentioning will just tell you what your PM 2.5 level is. That's it, nothing else beyond that. But hey what about the company's revolutionary Pure Boost technology? Hmmm well, all it does is spin the fan faster, oh marketing buzz words isn't it a great thing? This device has only two fan speeds, low and high and sure the low-speed mode is quiet and perfectly acceptable to keep running when you're trying to sleep, but the high speed is definitely going to wake up everyone in the house. Maybe the product will fulfil some of its claims, but this may be harder for the average consumer to really measure. For anyone who wants to use the app, I'd recommend you save giving your personal details to someone else. The physical device gives you the same and more facilities than the app. Overall the Sensibo Pure is a useless cheap piece of plastic e-waste and not something I recommend. When it comes to products designed around health, you're best going to more established and trusted brands.

Absolutely a waist of time and money

Absolutely a waist of time and money. I connected my two aircon units with great difficulty then try to share the units with my wife and lost my connection. Very, very difficult to pair these, there just air con units, not the Bank of England.

Bad bad bad service

nice device when it works. but when the device does not work, as in my case, you have to spend a lot of time on customer service, because they will spend half year to sending you things to try and not enough then they repeat that you have to try the same. my problem is that the device does not communicate with my A / C and customer service still thinks they can handle it. This Company get 1 star for this miserable handling