A new breed of home security

Ridiculously easy setup: No holes in your walls. No tools necessary. No need to miss work to let strangers into your home. Get the entire Scout system up and running yourself in minutes.

Be aware. Anywhere: Control your entire Scout system from any mobile device. Get live updates when anything is out of the ordinary. Monitor any room, from anywhere.

Designed for you: Scout meets your home security needs in style. Rent a small studio? Your ideal Scout system secures your whole home with only a few sensors. With Scout, only buy what you need to feel safe.

Protected and connected: Scout is a system of sensors that communicate with each other to provide complete protection, customized for your home.

  • Available pro monitoring
  • No contracts
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Fewer false alarms
  • Tool-free setup
  • Easy to remove and take with you
  • App-based control and monitoring
  • Custom actions and alerts

Burned by Scout

I was an early supporter of Scout’s crowdfunding campaign and helped the small startup get off the ground. Free self-monitoring for life was a huge selling point. The system delivered was plagued with battery life issues and a promise to fix this through a firmware update which after years of waiting never happened. Free battery replacements were offered, but only to customers located in the US which I am not. Scout’s proposed resolution was to sell me a new system at a discount which would result in me losing my free monitoring, the reason I supported the company in the beginning. Scout burned its international customers by taking their money, delivering a system that did not perform as advertised, and offering no resolution other than to purchase brand new hardware and pay a monthly fee.