Specialist Home Insurance For Your Holiday Let

Schofields specialise in comprehensive holiday letting insurance with minimal exclusions for holiday & second homes (cottages, apartments, villas) in the UK, France, Spain, Portugal and Italy.

You never really know how good your insurance is until you make a claim, and hopefully, you’ll never have to. However, if the worst should happen our specialist team is here to help you get life back to normal, with a minimum of fuss.

  • Includes public & employers’ liability insurance
  • Accidental damage by paying guests or pets
  • Full theft cover, including theft by guests
  • Loss of rental income and alternative accommodation costs
  • No unoccupancy or winter restrictions
  • No fuss 14-day money back guarantee
  • English policy with UK based claims support
  • We are here to help when you need it most

Areas Serviced:

The UK, France, Spain, Portugal and Italy


WARNING – IF YOU HAVE HOLIDAY HOME INSURANCE WITH SCHOFIELDS YOU ARE PROBABLY NOT INSURED!!!!!!! SCHOFIELDS CANNOT BE TRUSTED AS THEY ARE SELLING HOLIDAY HOME INSURANCE UNDER FALSE PRETENCES AND SHOULD BE EXPOSED FOR MIS-SELLING In the patronising words of Schofield’s manager, “the clue is in the title”! We have had 2 separate policies for our self-catering guest accommodation on our estate insured with a Schofields Holiday Home Policy for many years without a claim. Faced with a claim, Schofields are now arguing that their policies only cover guests staying “strictly for leisure purposes". This means for example that guests staying for the purpose of a family funeral would not be covered “as this does not constitute leisure purposes". Like many holiday home owners, we accept bookings from airbnb and, and guests stay for a variety of reasons not known to us when the reservation is made, including business trips, childcare, professional sports players, actors, attending weddings, visiting sick relatives, attending interviews or conferences, visiting children at university, locum medical work. SO NONE OF THESE GUESTS ARE COVERED BY SCHOFIELD’S USELESS HOLIDAY HOME INSURANCE POLICIES EVEN THOUGH THERE APPEARS TO BE NO DISCLAIMER IN THEIR POLICY DOCUMENTS!!! I have spoken to other insurers who provide this type of cover AND THEY WERE BEMUSED by THEIR MANAGER'S comments. SO, IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR SELF CATERING GUEST ACCOMMODATION INSURANCE BEST AVOID SCHOFIELDS AND IF YOU ARE ALREADY INSURED WITH THEM BEST START LOOKING ELSEWHERE!!! MEANWHILE I'M REFERRING THEM TO THE FINANCIAL SERVICES OMBUDSMAN

Long Time Schofields Customer

I have been insured for several years with this company for my home abroad, always competitive and professional. Quite excellent telephone service today in response to some questions in relation the renewal. Good, old fashioned service in the very best sense. With thanks.

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