Real time noise control for rental apartments

We are a company specialized in solutions that improve coexistence among guests, neighbors and owners and promotes the short term rental sustainability.


The solution: Noise Alarm

Roomonitor Noise Alarm is a device that allows you to be aware of the noise levels in your short term rentals all day, every day, thus avoiding any problems with neighbors or other tenants.

  • 24/7 Monitoring: Monitor in real time the sound pressure in your apartment and receive daily reports.
  • Alarm: Receive SMS and phone calls when an alarm is triggered and take action on time to avoid neighbours complains.
  • Privacy Safe: The sensor does not record any audio, in this way the privacy of your guest is totally protect.
  • Save Time: An open API allows you to connect with your PMS, this way our system can contact your guest directly.

Any noise violation could be a bother for your neighbours and a headache for you. With noisealarm you can monitor your property (s) in real time and proactively respond to any possible noise issue before it turns into a real threat.

Roomonitor measurement system uses algorithms to analyse the patterns of noise, in this way there is no need to record the audio in the apartment and the privacy of your guests will be totally safe. When a noise violation is detected your preassign number will be notify in real time with an SMS and a phone call.

The Noise Alarm monitoring service allows you to access in real time the information sent from the noise sensor through a panel accessible from any electronic device, so you can maintain control over what’s happening in each accommodation, from wherever you are and with no need to download any application.

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No reviews yet. Want to share a review? Click here