Maximize your booking occupancy

Every night you have an empty room / bungalow / villa is a night it does not make money. Roomfilla are experts in filling empty lodgings putting more money into your pockets.

  • Increase Bookings Year-round: Our methods and techniques work well with seasonal properties. We are just as likely to bring you a booking in the low season as we are during the peak months. Roomfillla specializes in filling your empty occupancy
  • Boost Customer Happiness: Roomfilla helps you to get bookings but we are also there to support your operations. We remain in contact with the guest throughout their stay. We provide them support and act as the intermediary for any concerns
  • Tech Based Marketing: Our business relies on the latest technologies available. We only message you when we can make you money. With the latest technology we provide a simple and smooth experience for our property partners

Our Services

  • Our Design: Simple, converting and effective. Vacation rental? Resort? Hotel? We have worked with them all. A lot of websites are stuck in the last decade. Let us bring your website up to scratch and get you more customers today!
  • Mobile Traffic: Visits keep increasing. Our websites are designed to look great on mobile, tablets and desktop. They are fully responsive and work incredibly on all devices. A great website converts. We want you to get more customers!
  • Brighten Up Your Property to Make it Shine: Giving your property the best web presence possible creates a professional impression. It shows a high standard and will increase bookings
  • Web Presence: We provide you with a standalone website. This will allow you to talk directly with customers and provide them a way to book directly. Cutting out any extra fees from external sites!
  • Channel Manager: Distributing your property on the channels that we know work. The more places you advertise, the more likely you are to get bookings. Best of all, we do all the work!
  • Constantly Optimizing: Keeping on top of current trends and ensuring that your properties get found is important. We keep you accessible to your customers and ensure bookings keep coming in!
  • Full Service System: Our plans enable us to be there every step of the way. We can be as involved as you need to make your business a success
  • 24 Hour Support: Our team is available around the clock to answer questions from guests encouraging a seamless booking process and stay
  • Our Tech is Simple: We understand that tech may not be your strength. Let us run it in the background so you can focus on what you want to and save time
  • Increase Bookings: Bookings are the bread and butter of the industry. Let us help you increase bookings, revenues and become a stronger business
  • Take Online Payments: Web presence is important. Direct payments cuts fees bringing revenue straight to your account
  • Advertise Wider: Our channel manager enables you to advertise on multiple websites which increase bookings
  • Superior Support: Let us deal with all the issues, complaints and instructions for guests. Save time, energy and offer a superior service
  • Make Changes Easily: Changing couldn’t be easier with Roomfilla. Simply let us know what you would like changed with your listings and we’ll make it happen
  • Video Support: Taking one our web presence packages will leave you with a new website. We provide you with video tutorials on how to use the backend
  • Full Service: Our full service plans will ensure happiness for both you; the owner, and the guests. Great service means more revenue

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