A ring of security around your home

Ring’s mission is to reduce crime in neighborhoods and empower consumers by creating a Ring of security around homes and communities with its suite of smart home security products: Ring Video Doorbell, Ring Video Doorbell Pro (HomeKit-enabled), Ring Stick Up Cam and the new Ring Floodlight Cam. With these security devices, Ring has created the neighborhood watch for the digital age and continues to keep homes around the world safe.

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Don't Buy Ring Products

I have invested quite a sum of money in 2 cameras and 2 ring doorbells. I also pay for your services to help protect my home. I'm having problems with connection lags and my live views. I also bought a new large router for my wifi thinking my old router wasn't efficient in broadcasting my wifi. My Old router is plenty efficient and handles my wifi connections seamlessly without any problems on all of my other household items, but I replaced it anyway. Something is absolutely defective in the ring app or these cameras and doorbells. Most of the time I get a notification that a person has been detected, I open the Ring app to see a live view and it just spins and says connection failed. This security system is becoming useless. We have called and talked to a representative from Ring and got nothing but a song and dance from the Rep about these issues and they are still unresolved! Hundreds of people complaining and experiencing all of the same problems and concerns. It's about time Ring gets some competent platform Builders and App developers to develop a security system that simply WORKS! If Ring can't do this, then they need to recall these nightmare machines that we have invested in and give us back our money for our cameras and your monthly services. I'm sick that I have wasted so much money on the Ring products for them not to work consistently and accurately! Don't Buy! Buyer Beware!