Rental Tonic

Helping owners and managers achieve full calendars and happy, repeat guests

Coming from a background in travel and digital marketing, and with a real passion for quality and meaningful holidays, Rental Tonic helps holiday business owners with insights and inspiration to create truly winning holidays.

Discover how our holiday rental marketing services can help make your property stand out from the crowd and find new ways to attract more bookings, happier guests, and glowing testimonials.

Rental Tonic isn’t linked to any specific holiday rental portal, agency, bookings software, or single product, but instead we take an unbiased view of the market so you can make an informed choice about what works for your holiday home. After all, your holidays are unique as you are.

We will show you how taking a holistic approach to your holiday rental marketing can reap the benefits, plus you’ll find lots of FREE and valuable information on our website, take a look!

Rental Marketing Services

Whether you’re just starting to rent out your holiday home or already run a rental business, a little rental tonic could be just what you need!

Would you like to be one of those owners who generates a constant stream of good quality bookings and repeat guests? It’s easy when you know how and Rental Tonic is here to help with our holiday home marketing tips, coaching and services.

Our focus is on helping you create a profitable holiday rental business that stands on its own two feet. You can create a business you love, one that gives you time to enjoy owning your holiday home and earn a healthy income from it.

We will give you all the help and support you need to improve bookings and increase income from your rentals. Every property owner has different needs, so get in touch at any time to see how we can help or take a look at some of the options below…

We feel so lucky to be working with you all, watching how you progress and develop your independent holiday rental business.

We love seeing owners doing it for themselves!

Copywriting for Holiday Rentals

They seek holiday experiences, they find you…

Creating your own website to promote your holiday home can be the best investment you make for the long-term success of your holiday rental business.

But your website is only as good as the content it showcases. This is where good copywriting and visual content come into play. We’ll work with you to create content that resonates with your ideal clients and creates that ’Wow’ holiday factor, so that you capture clients before they’ve even started thinking about accommodation.

  • Attract your ideal guests with compelling copy
  • Refocus your content to sell the holiday experience
  • Become the ‘Local’ Expert
  • Turn your top features into top experiences
  • Stay ahead of the competition on Google

Vacation Rental Website Development

Why create my own website?

You want to reach out to guests before they’ve started looking for accommodation. But you can only do that by delivering a total holiday experience.

Creating your own website to promote your holiday home can be the best investment you make for the long term success of your holiday rental business. It will put you firmly in control of your marketing, create a trustworthy reputation for your rental, and makes you far more effective at converting enquiries to bookings.

  • The Social Hub for your business
  • Easily share what’s great about your holidays
  • Attract more of your ideal guests
  • Becomes the ‘control room’ for your marketing
  • Turn prospects into paying guests!

Holiday Rental Coaching

One-to-one coaching for your holiday rental business.

It’s estimated the holiday lettings, or vacation rental industry is worth over 80 billion dollars. In fact it’s fast becoming the people’s choice in holiday accommodation and those hosts who get their holiday lettings product spot on are enjoying huge benefits, both financially and in creating a business that provides the perfect work-life balance.

If you think running a holiday lettings business and earning a profit is easy peasy, think again. To maximise the benefits, you need to stand out from the crowd – with your marketing, with your property styling and photography, added value proposition and importantly in your attitude as a host.

No longer is sticking your holiday home on HomeAway or Holiday Lettings enough. As this industry becomes ever more competitive the most successful owners understand the need to identify their ideal clients, niche markets and USPs to stand out from the competition and win the lion’s share of holiday rental bookings.

Our one-to-one coaching sessions will take you from Zero to Full Calendars and Happy Guests!

During sessions we’ll show you how to run an automated business that will reap rewards year-after-year. We offer a 4-session Marketing Kickstarter or 8-session Complete Holiday Rental Business Makeover, as well as plenty of other tools and services tailored to the exact needs of you and your holiday home.

With our bespoke coaching packages, we’ll prepare you with all you need to resonate with your ideal guests and be the best host you can be. You can look forward to enjoying a Full Calendar and Happy Guests year in, year out.

We cover:

  • Finding Your Ideal Guests: Identifying your ideal guests, so that you fill your calendars with the guests you want
  • Copywriting: How to resonate with them in your copywriting
  • Niche Marketing: Identifying your niche market so that you can create tailor-made holidays for your ideal guests
  • Websites: How to create a website that will reach your guests at the dreaming and planning stages of their holiday, rather than just the booking stage
  • Social Media: How to use social media to create a dynamic online presence
  • Property Styling: How to style and stage your property
  • Repeat Bookings: How to secure repeat bookings through guest profiling and email marketing