The only 24/7 reservation and guest support service for listings and bookings on every major online travel site

RedAwning is your single point of access to the largest distribution network in the world. One contract extends to all the major online marketplaces, including Expedia,, HomeAway/VRBO and Airbnb, and includes several channels unique to RedAwning including eBay, Vacation Rentals by Choice, and our own five, popular, proprietary websites. You get the most global exposure for the least amount of work.

RedAwning is a Preferred IT Partner on, a #1 Connectivity Provider on Expedia, a HomeAway Software Preferred Partner and a certified partner for Google Advertising. Not only can we take you global, but we turbo-boost your business at the local level, too!

Your Customer’s Journey

  1. Discovery – Websites and Distribution: Global distribution on every major vacation rental booking site, optimized listings, revenue management, and a high performing website with strategic digital ad campaigns will ensure guests discover and book your properties.
  2. Pre-Arrival – Guest Services and App Technology: Our services don’t stop when reservations are made, our professional guest services team and mobile app support guest inquiries until arrival.
  3. In-House Guest Experience – Mobile Concierge and Guest Services: Our in-home concierge acts as a hotel front desk agent, answering questions like “where’s the closest pizza place” and “what’s the Wi-Fi password”.
  4. Post-Stay – Creating Brand Loyalty with Email and Social Media Marketing: After your happy guest departs, we remind them how much they enjoyed their stay with email marketing and targeted social media ads showcasing your unique destination, and bringing them back time and time again.

How it Works

  • One Contract and One Connection: Once contract and one connection to RedAwning gets you on all the major online travel websites efficiently, accurately, and automatically.
  • We Optimize Your Listings: Our exclusive, performance-driving strategies get your listings in front of more travelers everywhere you list. We cleanse, tag and optimize your listings on each channel to further boost rankings and reservations.
  • Accurate and Instant Updates to Listings: Our direct access to the Expedia,, HomeAway and Airbnb Content APIs means your listing information is updated almost instantly, so we deliver only the most accurate property data to travelers seeking properties — and the most viable bookings to you.
  • Reservation and Payment Processing: We handle all the guest payments and contract management, saving you countless hours of work, including resolving credit card declines, chargebacks, and overbookings. No other provider does this time-sapping work. As merchant of record, we take on all the risk.
  • 24/7 Guest Support: We respond day and night to your inquiries resulting in the highest quality scores on each channel and the highest guest satisfaction with less work for you. We provide guest support, check-in instructions and a mobile app for the guests to manage and keep in contact with you. No other provider does all this work post-connectivity.

Vacation Home Owners

Are you a homeowner with 10 or fewer vacation rentals in North America that you are managing and promoting yourself?

We’ve made it easy for you to market your properties with the power of a pro and get the most reservations for the least work! Property owners and small businesses such as yourself can now amplify your efforts resulting in increased reservations. Join other RedAwning Platinum Home Owners in this high-level program. There are NO UPFRONT COSTS to you whether you have 1 property or 10.

Program Highlights

  • Get Listing on Every Travel Website: One contract and one connection to RedAwning gets your vacation rental listed on all major online travel websites, including, Expedia, AirBNB, Vrbo, Google Travel and hundreds more.
  • Reservation + Payment Support: We handle all the guest payments and contract management, saving you countless hours of work, including resolving credit card declines, chargebacks, and overbookings.
  • Free Professional Photography: We send a professional photographer to your home at a scheduled time that works for you to capture high quality images that accurately and effectively showcase your home.
  • Free Website: Our Smart Portal lets you adjust your rates, manage your bookings from a single calendar, and is also a responsive, fully-bookable website which you can share on social media and with friends!
  • Free Smart Technology: We provide a free, web-based portal for managing bookings, listings and revenue. Our free mobile app allows you to manage your reservations on the go and gives you quick and easy access to reservations details.
  • Revenue Management: With access to the industry’s largest data analytics engine and a team of industry experts, we work closely with you to determine rate strategies that will drive and maximize your vacation home revenue.

Property Managers

One-Stop. One Contract. One Complete, Centralized Marketing & Reservations Solution.

One contract with RedAwning gets you the fastest integration to the world’s most extensive marketing network including global exposure, round-the-clock inquiry response and guest support, complete reservations and payment processing. Plus, we include exclusive channels not available through any other provider too!

  • One connection gets you all the website channels of your choice
  • One contract covers all channels — no separate agreements by channel required
  • One integration to RedAwning is all you need — we are instantly connected to all the channels
  • One commission covers all channel fees, as well as inquiry response, reservation support, and value-added guest services on every channel!
  • One marketing center drives your listing performance and boosts your reservations

Program Highlights

  • Distribution and Marketing Experts: We provide dynamic, seamless integrations with your PMS to simplify your process, then our distribution and performance teams get to work daily to optimize your listings for the maximum occupancy and revenue. No other provider has a more powerful marketing component.
  • 24/7 Support for You and Your Guests: We respond day and night to your inquiries resulting in the highest quality scores on each channel and the highest guest satisfaction with less work for you. Plus, you and your guests can reach us anytime of day or night by text, live chat, and email to assist with questions or issues in the booking process or during the stay.
  • Complete Reservations and Payments: We handle all the guest payments and contracts management, saving you countless hours of work, including resolving credit card declines, chargebacks and overbookings. No other provider does this.
  • Optimized Marketing on Channels: Our exclusive, performance-driving services like data cleansing and photo tagging will help you sell more reservations everywhere you list. We optimize your listings on each channel to boost ranking and reservations.
  • The Industry’s Largest Data Analytics Engine: When you sign up with us, you deploy the industry’s largest data analytics engine to competitively rank your properties on major travel sites. Our unparalleled access to performance data across 100,000 properties and every major channel means we know how to drive the most valuable traffic to your listings fastest, for the best results and the most reservations.
  • Trusted by the Biggest Brands: RedAwning is the largest single vacation rental provider to every major travel website in the world. When guests see our brand, it increases their confidence and leads to higher conversion performance for you. You get more reservations, more loyal customers, and a whole lot less work than any other provider offers.

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Trapped with Hidden Fees

I booked a RedAwning rental through only to find there were hidden fees equal to 50% of the advertised price. I first realized these hidden fees when I received the confirmation email minutes after the transaction. Since I did not agree with the hidden fees, I called immediately to cancel (within minutes of the initial booking) and RedAwning tried to refuse the cancellation. I had to go through my credit card company to cancel the reservation just minutes after it was made. These are terrible business practices and I will never book a rental with these people again.

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Frauds....stay away from Redawning

Frauds, paid in full for vacation rental and unfortunately due to Covid-19 and Florida executive order rental was canceled. Told I can rebook with a full credit. Contacted customer service for instruction on rebooking and was ignored. They do not have an active phone service where you can speak with someone live, should’ve been my first red flag. You can only communicate with them via chat or email, which most of the time is ignored. I’m now disputing charges with credit card company. Basically, I’ve had $5800 stolen from me by Redawning. They are not professional enough to have a person respond back to me, they will not let me rebook and they will not refund my money. Total frauds.