We preserve the things you love so you can focus on being a great host

Sharing your things can get you in a pickle. No matter how diligent you are, even careful guests can have accidents and occasionally a guest might abuse your trust.

We provide insurance to get you out of a pickle and back into action. We’ve designed our company from the ground up to meet the needs of the sharing economy quickly and easily.

Whether you are a professional doing short-term lets on platforms like Airbnb or an occasional host. We’ve got a range of products that have been designed to provide the right cover at the best price.

Doesn’t Airbnb provide specific cover for me?

Airbnb provide two forms of cover for listings through their platform; however this does not provide the comprehensive protection most hosts would expect.

What Airbnb provides…

✓ Provides support for minor incidents

✓ Helps mediate repayment of damage between hosts and guests

✓ Offers the only sharing platform with protection

✕ Guarantee is a marketing promise not insurance (so it’s not regulated)

✕ Guarantee is a pot of $1M to cover everyone worldwide

✕ The $1m host protection insurance provides insufficent cover in our view for large guest injuries

✕ Cover contains a significant number of exclusion and limitations (e.g. shared areas of your property and other areas you’d expect to be covered)

Won’t my home insurance cover guest damages? In a recent survey, 100% of home insurers said they would not cover guest-related incidents as standard.

Why Work With Us

  • Get the best deal: We work hard to find you the best deal on your insurance and with Pikl products the more you buy the more you save.
  • No app, no hassle: There’s no app to ‘tap-on’ and ‘tap-off’ when you’re hosting. Just keep a record of your hosting calendar in case we need it.
  • Free expert advice: We love speaking with customers over the phone. We have a trained team of expert advisors ready to help you make sense of your insurance needs.

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