Party Squasher

Keep your home under control with Party Squasher

Make your home safe, with Party Squasher. An app that shows you whether there is a big crowd at your home at any given time.

Our in-home sensor counts the number of mobile devices within your detection range and alerts you if the number goes above your limit. It’s privacy-friendly and designed for detached homes. Finally, a tool to help keep your home protected from party disasters.

Quick to install, easy to use

Party Squasher is compact and discreet. It simply hooks up to your router and counts mobile devices, even if they aren’t connected to your Wi-Fi network. Customize it to your home size via the Party Squasher app.

In case of a party, there is sure to be a spike! You’ll get a text message, so you can call the guest to find out what’s going on. Yes, it is that simple.

Managing multiple properties?

The Party Squasher app allows you to track one or more properties and connect to multiple listing calendars (Airbnb, HomeAway, etc), so you can quickly view your guest’s contact details and call them if needed.

You can also set different thresholds for each property and customize your alert settings to notify a different phone number for each property.

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