Store your keys securely

Use our nationwide network of Parcelly locations for smarter and more convenient key exchanges. Leave your keys with someone you can trust and control access to your property from your mobile.

How it works

1. Choose: Select your nearest Parcelly location via the app

2. Subscribe: Sign up to one of our Key Exchange models, receive your unique Parcelly ID and attach it to your keys

3. Deposit: Deposit your keys whenever is convenient for you

4. Invite: Share your Parcelly ID and unique Collection PIN with your guests

5. Track: Follow your keys’ journey in the Parcelly app

We Help You to Ensure a Secure Key Exchange Process

  • Nationwide network: Parcelly is available all across the UK. Facilitate your key exchange wherever required
  • Pricing: Benefit from tailored pricing options
  • Mobile: Parcelly is available on any device, making it easy to track the status of your key at any time
  • Security: Your keys are held inside a key-protected locker behind a staffed counter
  • Anonymity: We encrypt every key via a 6-digit Parcelly ID. So your property’s exact address is never disclosed
  • Go Green: We are proud of our green credentials, and as with our parcel collections we donate 5% of each transaction to reduce your environmental impact

Receive, Return and Send Parcels

Parcelly is also the UK’s first and most advanced network of carrier and retailer agnostic Pick-up and Drop-off locations. Our core belief is that receiving, returning and sending parcels should be convenient, efficient, simple and above all sustainable.

With a dedicated team across 3 offices in London, Hamburg and Tokyo today, Parcelly converts redundant space in local shops and private households into carrier and retailer agnostic parcel storage. Our nationwide on-demand network of Parcelly business partners is dynamically managed and empowered through smart technology that allows anyone, anywhere and at any time to access, manage and monetise on redundant space – for items as small as keys or as large as a pallet. Parcelly’s service is available to consumers through a mobile app, and integrated with an ever-growing list of exciting retail and logistics brands.

1. Select a Parcelly location: After you have downloaded the app, choose one of our convenient collection points or suggest a new one.

2. Follow the booking process: Choose your collection type and specify your delivery details.

3. You’re ready to use Parcelly: Shop with any online retailer worldwide and simply enter your unique Parcelly ID and Parcelly delivery address into the check-out form.

4. Now all you do is collect: We notify you (via email, text message and push alert) as soon as your parcel has arrived at your Parcelly location.

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