P.C. Richard & Son

108 years of honesty, integrity and reliability

P.C. Richard & Son, also known as simply P.C. Richard, is the largest chain of private, family-owned electronics and appliances stores in the United States. Its stores are located in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania, with the majority of the stores located on Long Island and in the New York City boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn.


BUYER BEWARE! STAY AWAY FROM PC RICHARD & SON! PCRS taught me a valuable lesson: Certain businesses do not care about their customers. I ordered a $3000 Samsung TV from PCRS and due to Covid and my house being under construction, I took delivery of the TV from pilot Freight and let the box sit until it was ready for install over a month later. When we unboxed the TV, we immediately noticed a few cracks and dents in the TV. Hoping that those things were only cosmetic, we plugged the TV in and immediately the TV started flashing with rainbow streaks throughout. I contacted PCRS and they said "well, you should have opened the box earlier". Sure, but what about your obligation to state that policy to the customer at time of purchase? Why won't you accept fault for a defective product that's never been used and was damaged by your shipping provider? At the very least you should offer a repair. STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS SHAM COMPANY. THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY AND SEND YOU A $3000 BOX OF DEFECTIVE PRODUCT.

PC Richard has officially gone…

PC Richard has officially gone downhill. We purchased a GE Washer/Dryer combo three years ago which recently broke. We called PC Richard for service since they boast about their service technicians. On the day of the appointment, GE Service shows up. The GE Service quoted us THREE times more than PC Richard told us. We called PC Richard and they denied quoting the price we were told which is what seems to be the way with PC Richard lately. They are no longer the Giant they used to be. We purchased almost every Appliance from them in the past but we will not any longer. I don't think they have too much of a Service Department if they can't even come out to service a Dryer. Nobody is any help in this company anymore...

Shoppers beware!

Shoppers beware! I purchased from PC Richard due to their 4.9 star rating on Google. That rating is somehow rigged and I fell victim to an ongoing scam a certain store of theirs pulls on unsuspecting customers. I made an urgent need purchase of a washing machine online. It was delivered two days later, not working out of the (I now suspect) non-existent box. Being late Friday evening when I arrived home from work and was able to try the machine the store was closed so I called Maytag tech support. The tech could hear what the machine was doing and confirmed it wasn't supposed to be doing it. He offered two solutions: an exchange or a service call to fix the problem under warranty. I asked which one would be quicker as I can't be without a washing machine for much longer. He lied to me and told me that a service call would be quicker because, get this, "Maytag is experiencing a washing machine shortage at this time and PC Richard doesn't have any more of that model in stock. It could be six to eight weeks before we can get more to them, you're lucky you got that one." I immediately knew it was a lie because, even though we're in the midst of a pandemic, there's no way Maytag is experiencing a washing machine shortage, but I played along and agreed to a service call just to get the call over with. The next day I went to the PC Richard store and pretended I wanted to buy that washing machine and wanted to confirm they had one in stock so that I didn't have to wait long. The salesman confirmed they had one in stock. I then explained to him what was going on, including the lie by the Maytag rep, thinking there was no way they'd deny my return or exchange as a reputable business. I was wrong. He went and talked to the manager and came back and told me a return or exchange cannot be made until after I've spoken with their service department and set up a service call to fix the machine. I asked why should I get a service call when I don't even want the machine since it was delivered NOT WORKING and Maytag lied to me. He said that's just how it has to be done. I left because I was getting very angry at that point and didn't want to lash out at anyone. I tried calling the service department but they were closed for the day. I waited until Monday, 2/15/2021, and called the service department again. The girl who answered immediately informed me that I DID NOT have to have a service call or go through them before I'd be able to return the machine, that I just had to be firm and insist on a return and to call the store back to do so. So I called the store. The salesman who answered proceeded to lie to me! He said they have no way of initiating a return as they can't see orders on their system in the store! Yet when I'd been in the store Saturday the salesman had looked the order up right in front of me! So I called the PC Richard 800 number and pressed the appropriate option to speak to someone to get the return going. Clearly my name and number were flagged in some system because both times I tried to call they hung up before even picking up. They were trying to push me outside of the five day return window. They thought I didn't know what was going on. A family member found out what I was going through and told me that they'd done the exact same thing to her! So clearly this is an ongoing scam they are pulling. They clearly have a warehouse of appliances that have been returned by other customers and they ship those out to unsuspecting new customers and hope that they'll be able to force them into keeping a broken appliance repaired under warranty while paying full price as if the appliance was new. I was finally able to get this resolved and get the return initiated thanks to one person who refuses to play a role in their scam but the level of frustration they put an innocent customer trying to make an urgent need purchase through is unacceptable.