P.C. Richard & Son

108 years of honesty, integrity and reliability

P.C. Richard & Son, also known as simply P.C. Richard, is the largest chain of private, family-owned electronics and appliances stores in the United States. Its stores are located in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania, with the majority of the stores located on Long Island and in the New York City boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn.

It's a wonderful situation when doing…

It's a wonderful situation when doing the "right" thing is also a great experience. I try to purchase items from local businesses, but sometimes their prices or level of service makes that a difficult decision. In my experience, as a local business, P.C. Richards beats the big guys every time. Specifically, I've been buying appliances from P.C. Richards for decades including our refrigerator, the only (12,000 BTU Friedrich) air conditioner in our home, etc. Summary - it's difficult to get good service, but the real test for me is how a company handles issues when they arise. P.C. Richards exceeded my expectations in this situation. Details below: I needed a new washing machine, and shopped around to figure out what would work best both in terms of functionality and price. Given my limited space and budget, this was a challenge. As has often been the case, P.C. Richards won the race. They delivered the exact model at the specified price on the indicated date and time. Well done, but unfortunately, there were issues with the machine which could not have been predicted. I contacted my local store (UWS) and spoke to the manager named Carlos. He patiently listened to my story and concerns, and resolved them well beyond my expectations. At this point, I have a machine that works perfectly, at a price that others couldn't beat and am delighted to recommend P.C. Richards without reservation. Thank you P.C. Richards!

Haier fridge freezer delivered two…

Haier fridge freezer delivered two years ago. Bad icing problem. Defrosting freezer weekly and cleaning up floor weekly. First tech said not meant for this climate; use child safety lock. Didnt solve the problem. Second tech said defective. Third GE “Factory Service” tech whom I called directly and knew what he was doing assessed as “bad install’ by PCR can be repaired for about $600 but PCR has to make service appt. 38 callers in line. Never, never, never PCR again.