OCD Spaces

Organised. Cleared. Designed


Helping you to make the hard decision on what to keep and what to part ways with by making you evaluate the value (not just the financial cost) of what you own.

Are the ‘things’ (e.g. clothes, shoes, home accessories, kitchen items, even furniture etc.):

  • Rarely used?
  • Taking up space?
  • Collecting dust?
  • Hidden under/over/behind other things that you forgot you own?

We guide you in learning to let go of the ‘stuff’ you do not actually need, through sales, donations and/or disposals. The positive outcome is that you save on:

  • Space;
  • Time it takes to find things;
  • Time it takes to clean things.

Subsequently, you will be able to make wiser decisions on your future purchases and potentially save money.


By assesing what your daily and weekly routines are, we will propose storage and organisation systems that are:

  • Functional;
  • Practical;
  • Efficient.

This is a collaborative, non-judgemental process, thus we will be coaching you along the way, giving you tips and tricks to help you maintain the systems in place.

Being organised may not come instinctively to many, but our goal is to set up solutions that are intuitive and easy to follow. This applies to all aspects of your life and home, from your paperwork, clothing, toiletries to your kitchen pantry etc.

By having an organised environment, you will be able to easily:

  • See what you have;
  • Retrieve what you need;
  • Return in place, ready for use again.

Interiror Decorating

Concentrating on the aesthetics of your home, we upgrade the look and feel of each space by recommending conceptual styles that are:

  • Creative;
  • Based on your use of the space;
  • Improve the quality of your livelihood.

Fine tuning the details of the approved style, we will assist you on selecting the most appropriate colour schemes and combinations, textiles, patterns and accessories in the most artistically complimenting way, and according to your budget.

Furthermore, we will assess how and where your furniture, fixtures and fittings should be placed, recommending a more functional layout to:

  • Maximize the open space;
  • Allow for a seamless flow from one area to another;
  • Create a tranquil ambiance.