We take the unloved products in your home and make them simple, beautiful, and thoughtful

We love home. It’s the best place in the world. But not everything inside our homes is lovable. There are things that beep at us; fail without warning; keep us in the dark. There are things we’ve learned to ignore.

We think they should do more.

Nest is focused on making simple, human, delightful things. That’s how we’re creating the thoughtful home: A home that takes care of the people inside it and the world around it.

Nest a pile of junk

I can now understand why there are so many bad ratings for Google nest two years and three months after installing I have had to replace the entire system at my own cost no chance of any money from Google just don’t want to know appalling company

So currently on hold for 29 minutes…

So currently on hold for 29 minutes (estimate less than 1 minute) after my thermostat turned on unexpectedly tonight and won't turn off even after manually turning it off. Now has to turn the boiler physiatrist down to minimum to try and prevent Further loss caused by goggle nest

Waybill number invalid

We have ordered replacement of thermostat and heat link. Nest provide invalid return label. Travel to different drop of locations. Then call Nest again. Was told to order pickup. But waybill number is invalid. Very disappointed with this company customer service.