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The Nest IQ Outdoor camera breaks easily. Google/Nest support is very bad

The Nest IQ Outdoor camera has been broken three times within the same amount of years. At first it was changed everytime because it wasn't under warranty. But now that the warranty is finished I am stuck with a broken camera. The camera was broken for the exact the same reason everytime. The reason that I was given by the customer support, is the weather conditions. It is a strange reason, when the camera is made for outdoors. I live in Netherlands and I bought the camera in Netherlands, so the weather conditions are know by Nest and the camera should be able to handle such conditions. In the same house I also use a Logi Circle Outdoor camera which is almost 3 times cheaper and I never had any problems. The weather conditions are exactly the same for either cameras because they are installed in the same house. I felt betrayed by Nest/Google. They simply replaced the camera every time until the warranty runs out.

Google Destroys Working Hardware (Again)

This is the second experience I have had whereby 'Google' input has broken what was a working piece of sound hardware. The previous issue was with a 65" Philips TV & a 'recommended firmware update' (later found out was just in relation to Google App. update) which took my in warranty TV out of action for 18 months. This time Google has taken working Nest cameras and turned them initially, into Bog standard screenshot devices and now via 'Support' removed them all together - on assumption I was at home and not abroad when I contacted them to query loss of subscription and video capture. In essence their support provided instructions to 'create a new structure' in order to get video working again and sign up to 'Nest Aware'. These are the actions I was requested to do: Here are the steps: 1. Remove your camera from the Nest app 2. Uninstall it. 3. Install it in its new home 4. Select the new home in the Nest app. 5. Set it up again with the Nest app. Only after removing the camera (done via app) was I then requested to get the 6 digit code from camera base and also serial info. Fortunately, I had saved this info. from original installation but it made no difference as there was requirement for me to be within bluetooth range to set up....the response from 'Support'...well...I quote RICA the agents feedback... "I did what I did. Since we will be doing troubleshooting steps, it's obvious that you must be beside the Nest Camera for this one. Most of our customers would tell us after telling their issue that they are not in their house to do the troubleshooting steps. " So, we originally had a working security system with multiple cameras installed (post burglary in 2017) - then we only had video snapshots - post Google inept migration - but now have in essence, expensive 'dummy' cameras and no picture/alerts whatsoever. These are good cameras - the hardware has been let down by destructive technical changes and ill trained support persons who make assumptions before destroying your device functionality. After ruining our camera functionality the icing on the cake is the way support wrap up their achievements.... "There’s a short survey coming up. Google Nest would appreciate your feedback about your experience today. Thanks for contacting Google Nest. Have a great day! " In summary - great hardware but 'bejesus' if you get an issue you'd best run for the hills as their support is diabolical! Good Luck!