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DISGUSTING DISGRACEFUL COMPANY NEVER EVER EVER BUY A GOOGLE PRODUCT. I am now 3.5 months on and still no refund for my faulty Nest thermostat that I paid to get replaced on the basis they committed to refund the cost of the engineer (£100). I have emailed and emailed and all you get back is condescending waffle and they WILL NOT ANSWER MY QUESTION WHICH IS WHEN WILL I RECEIVE MY REFUND. I would have moved over to Hive if it wasn’t for them agreeing to pay for the replacement and now 3,5 months later still nothing. I’m out of pocket by £100 because of their faulty thermostats. The most disgraceful customer service I have ever experienced from a company who has now lost me as a customer (and millions more I suspect). Literally cannot urge everyone enough to avoid Google - read the reviews and take your custom elsewhere.

no refund received yet

Like many people I have had no success in getting a refund for a repaired google nest thermostat. When getting a thermostat repaired you have to pay for the engineer and the component parts upfront and then you supposedly you get the money back in the form of a refund from google. I have been through all the correct channels to get my money back but like a lot of others I have had no success and even from the beginning they seemed to put up as many ''road blocks'' and excuses as to why they are delaying my refund. Months have gone by now and no sign of a refund despite numerous requests for updates. You just have to do a search on their forum page and typing ‘’no refund’’ to see how many people are being ‘’fobbed off’’ with ridiculous excuses as to why they are not paying back the money owed ! My thermostat went wrong relatively quickly and I would never buy this product again and I wish I had read the reviews on trustpilot before purchasing. My guess is if the customer services bothers replying,which I doubt as they seem to have stopped replying to these posts, it will be in the form of ‘’please let us have your enquiry number and we will look in to it’’ I have given this to them on many occasions and have no confidence in this company to do anything other than give me more ‘’waffle’’. I am a pensioner and could really do with this money now especially after the recent energy payment hike. I hope these people can sleep well at night !

Little more than junk.

I’m not going to waste my time explaining everything that’s wrong with this heap of junk, I’ve already done that talking to one of nests ill-advisors. Read through all the other comments, you’ll get the gist.