Create a connection even before your guests arrive.


Matterport Spaces are complete experiences that give your online visitors an accurate sense of your accommodations and amenities. They are created from real 2D and 3D data about your properties, and you can embed the walkthroughs in a website just like photos and videos.

You’ll speed booking decisions and boost confidence by offering an immersive 3D experience that is so real, guests will feel like they’re already on vacation.

Premium features that come with every 3D model

  • Immersive Walkthrough: 3D Showcase offers immersive views of your property through Inside View, Dollhouse View, and Floorplan View.
  • Virtual Reality: Make your Spaces viewable in VR on the Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream, and Google Cardboard.
  • Schematic Floor Plans: Generate black-and-white schematic floor plans of your property with the push of a button.
  • Mattertag Content: Include annotations directly in your 3D Space to highlight key features of your property.
  • Dimensions: Event planners can take measurements directly from the 3D Space, eliminating an on-site visit.
  • Analytics: Track your marketing campaign performance and understand customer engagement with statistics on each Space.

The customer service was horrible and…

The customer service was horrible and my experience owning the rights to anything was such a let down finding out they own the RIGHTS to all of the content we film with the product they sell us... that's right you can only utilize the data if you PAY a monthly sub forever. They own your information ALL OF IT. You buy the camera, you do the work, they keep the data. That is the end of the story. It is 2021 this tech is common now and they will not be the tech giant they are hoping to be.

Terrible customer service

Terrible customer service, they have been charging my account even after I cancelled and are refusing to both refund my account and are refusing to delete my account. I’ve put a hold on my bank account to attempt to stop the charges and have contacted consumer affairs to investigate. The product is ok but as soon as you need customer support to fix something they won’t. I do not recommend you giving any of your bank account details to the Matterport company as you might find yourself in the same situation.


Have been using Matterport for years. I wish we had never chosen Matterport. If you need this for more than 1 month, NEVER choose Matteport. Not only is it overpriced, do they also find millions of little reasons to charge you without your consent. They also are extremely rude over customer support. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.