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Australia’s go-to destination for inspirational and offbeat furniture, lighting, homewares and accessories

At Matt Blatt, we’d rather die than be dull (ok not quite, but near enough) and we favour the fresh and fabulous over formulaic and functional every time. We’re collectors, curators and risk-takers.

We’re not in the furniture business, we’re in the entertainment business. Our stores don’t just show off our products, they bring them to life. We’re Australia’s go-to destination for discerning design fans, DIY decorators and lovers of hand-picked original pieces and premium replica icons.

We surround ourselves with the things we love – so we’re stacked to the rafters with inspirational, irreverent, iconic and unconventional furniture, lighting, homewares and accessories for your browsing, and buying pleasure.

Our approach is innovative, hands-on and eclectic and we’re fanatical about superior service and stellar quality. We’ll jump through hoops (just ask us) to help you find (and fall in love with) that piece that’ll set your world on fire. After all….a stylish space is a happy place.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously, until it comes to quality. And then things get super serious, super fast. After 30 years in the furniture trade we’ve developed an eagle eye and exacting standards and we’re ultra-selective about the timber, fabric, materials and finishes of every product we add to our collection. Put simply, we only sell the best.

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Styling Service

Choosing – and styling – furniture and homewares is fabulous fun, but it can also be downright daunting, especially if you don’t know your Scandi from your boho, or your mid-century from your modern. Fortunately, we do, and we’re bringing our design obsession to you.

Want to style your place like a pro? Lucky we’re in the know – and our in-house home stylists are ready to go.

For a flat $500 fee (deducted in full if you order more than $5000 worth of product) we’ve put together the perfect package to up the style ante at your home or workplace, which includes:

  • An in-showroom consultation
  • An in-home style consultation
  • A personalised moodboard
  • A hand-sketched furniture layout
  • Personal assistance with selecting furniture and accessories
  • Up-to-date information on stock levels and delivery lead times

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“Lost” my order twice

“Lost” my order twice, which is quite a feat given it was furniture. Customer service respond with templated answers. Awaiting a refund however I suspect that I have lost my money. I should have read these reviews prior to purchase as they also sum up my experience. I shop online all the time and this company screams dodgey.

Items not received and NO customer service WILL NEVER PURCHASE FROM THIS ORGANISATION AGAIN…

I purchased items from Matt Blatt unaware that this company now distributed via Kogan . I have been waiting weeks to receive my full order & have contacted their ‘customer service centre’ 3 times and received no response . Do not buy from this organisation if you want any certainty that your items will arrive or after purchase service - it is impossible to get in touch with anyone . All I can say is that they have taken my money and not delivered . I am sure there will be the standard apologetic response from their team following this email but don’t be fooled it’s a robotic response which automatically uploads to every complaint , I doubt there will be any substance behind their words . If I do not receive my items or some real contact from this organisation shortly I will be following this up with the appropriate ombudsman .


74 YEAR OLD GRANDMOTHER LEFT VIOLATED BY MATT BLATT/ALLIED EXPRESS DELIVERY MAN. Matt Blatt, I suggest you contact me immediately. I have just received a most distressing phone call from my 74 year old mother. In tears as a result of the aggressive and intimidating behaviour of the delivery person. I will also be notifying the police. You charged $306 for a delivery that has taken 5 days, ok under current circumstances. THEN YOUR REPRESENTATIVE WANTED TO LEAVE THE PARCEL ON THE STREET. THEY REFUSED TO BRING IT TO THE APARTMENT ON THE 6th FLOOR OF THE BUILDING. AFTER TORTURING A 74 YEAR OLD WOMAN THEY CONCEDED AND PUT THE PARCEL IN THE GROUND FLOOR LOBBY. ADVISING THAT THEY DON’T DELIVER TO APARTMENTS (possibly looking to extort further payment on top of the $306 already paid for delivery). FURTHER AGGRESSIVE GESTURING FOLLOWED AS ALLIED EXPRESS DELIVERY PERSON HARASSED THE ELDERLY WOMEN. By the way the parcel being delivered was a F#*#ING 3 SEATER LOUNGE, how the hell is a 74 year old women going to get the lounge up 6 levels and into her apartment. What the FARK do you get for $306. Matt Blatt, Kogan and Allied Express should be paralysed by shame, what inhumane, shonky thieves you all are, effectively stealing from elderly Australians, through outrageous delivery rates and then not even delivering. MY ADVICE TO EVERYBODY READING THE POST IS DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES DEAL WITH THESE CRIMINALS. The headline of the post will ensure that it gets plenty of eyeballs on it. Contact me, Immediately is not quick enough. I’m posting this everywhere whilst you’re reading this. Michael M.