Control your lock from anywhere in the world.

Lockitron lets you share temporary or permanent virtual keys with friends and family.

Receive a notification when your guest arrives for the first time and make sure your door is locked from anywhere in the world. Lockitron will even send you a notification when someone knocks at your door.

Thanks to built-in Bluetooth Low Energy, Lockitron will let you in simply by having you walk up to the door.

With Key Match renters can use Bolt too by matching their existing keys to the Lockitron cylinder.

  • Control from anywhere: Bolt optionally connects to the internet with Bridge. With Bridge you can control and receive notifications from Bolt anywhere in the world.
  • Powerfully smart: Lockitron Bolt uses four AA batteries which last for up to six months. Bolt will even let you know by email when they are running low.
  • Easily customizable: With Bridge you can control Bolt through our incredibly simple API endpoints. We’re working to integrate Bolt with a number of popular devices and apps.
  • iOs and Android: Lockitron Bolt is compatible with iOS or Android out of the box. With Bridge, other phones can use Lockitron through our simple mobile website.

They took my order (and $225US) a year… and then nothing. A year this week!

They took my order (and $225US) a year ago and they went silent. When I ask the status of my order, I get an email that says "there is no status update available". They are still taking money for orders but the website suggests that there are no deliveries. Lots of pictures of boxes being unloaded from trucks but it all looks a little staged - like stock photos. This appears to be a scam started perhaps with good intent but now it has the smell of a fraud. Perhaps just logistical issues, but after a year and they are still taking orders without deliveries.... be careful.