Linen Club

Hotel linen + housekeeping service for apartments

Linen Club is a premium building amenity. We provide hotel-quality linen and housekeeping service at apartment and condo buildings in Chicago. Our linens on your bed, just like a hotel.

How does it work?

  1. One day every week, our Linen Club specialists will visit your building. We’ll put our sheets on your bed and change out your towels, just like the service you’d receive at a hotel. We’ll even clean the rest of your home if you’re looking for a complete hotel turnover.
  2. Our Linen Club specialists bring in our own hotel-quality linens and make your bed, including pillowcases, fitted sheet, and flat sheet or duvet cover. We’ll also leave you soft, fresh bath towels.
  3. At each service, we’ll pull the old linens off your bed and re-make it with professionally-laundered linens and change out those old towels. It’s like having a hotel maid service at your apartment or condo — complete with hotel housekeeping carts!
  4. We’ll visit you and all your neighbors on the same day, saving time, increasing efficiency, and saving you money compared to a traditional housekeeper.
  5. Your significant other will thank you. And if you don’t have one, an inviting bed and clean apartment certainly can’t hurt…

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