International Property Rental Approval Certification (I-PRAC)

Increase Your Rental Income With I‑PRAC

Differentiate Yourself as a Legitimate Operator.

I‑PRAC is a verification platform that approves property owners and rental agencies around the world, protecting travellers from rental fraud.

The only way to know if a property is genuine is by checking that the property owner or rental agency is I‑PRAC approved.

I‑PRAC gives property owners and rental agencies an opportunity to demonstrate their credentials to travellers by completing an in-depth verification process. Working with government agencies worldwide, I‑PRAC conducts comprehensive checks on rental agencies and property hosts, using sophisticated verification techniques that are unavailable to travellers.

Property Owners

Turn enquiries into rentals with I‑PRAC approval. The I‑PRAC logo is recognised by travellers all over the world. By becoming I‑PRAC approved, it will give customers confidence in your property, demonstrate your commitment to protect clients from rental fraud, and set you apart from fraudulent operators.

Many property owners believe that listing their properties on platforms such as Airbnb or HomeAway is enough to convince travellers of their credibility. However, it is possible for fraudulent operators to create fake listings on these platforms and populate them with positive reviews, giving people the impression that they’re legitimate and trustworthy hosts. Travellers are becoming more aware of this, so it’s important that property owners can prove their credentials in other ways. That’s where I‑PRAC comes in.

If a traveller sees the I‑PRAC logo on your property listing, they will know that you’ve been approved by our team of industry experts following an in-depth verification process. You’ll also be given a unique ID number, which travellers can verify through the I‑PRAC website. Becoming I‑PRAC approved will give customers peace of mind that your listing is genuine, as well as the confidence to book with you directly and pay upfront, helping your cashflow.

Why should you join I‑PRAC?

  • Boost your credibility: Show clients you’re a legitimate owner
  • Turn enquiries into sales: Convince customers to book with you
  • A single annual fee: Be approved for just over £1 a day
  • Protect yourself from fraud: Stop fraudsters targeting your property
  • Positive action: Show your commitment to fight rental fraud
  • Quicker payments: Improve your cashflow with upfront payments

Rental Agencies

Demonstrate your rental credentials to clients. As an I‑PRAC approved rental agency, you will be able to show clients that you’re a professional and credible operator, allowing them to book your accommodation with confidence and peace of mind.


Why should you join I‑PRAC?

  • Build trust with travellers: Demonstrate your credibility as an agency
  • Convert potential customers: Turn more enquiries into reservations
  • A sound investment: Annual membership costs only £899
  • Simple application process: We can approve an agency within three weeks
  • Protect your agency from fraudsters: Stop con artists targeting your agency
  • Tackle rental fraud: Join the global fight against accommodation fraud

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