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Double booking

Booked a cottage through homes to go ,and this was confirmed by email with a reference number. Received a email at 4.15pm on the evening of the day before we were due to travel, from Norfolk cottages to say they had not received my booking from homes to go and the property had been let to someone else . We had made all the arrangements to go and this caused so much distress . We were unable to find another cottage at such short notice , appalling . DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY , they are just a agent . Go direct its safer

Never Use This App! It is a scam!

If I could give negative stars I would. I booked a house for 14 people Labor Day weekend for my daughter’s 16th birthday party only to find out two days before that HomeToGo never actually booked the house. I never got a response to my email inquiry and it took me weeks to get someone on the phone only to find out that I had to deal directly with the rental agency whose information had never actually been provided to me. Once I got that information I found out that HomeToGo had never actually booked the house and it was being used by the owners that weekend. Not to mention the exorbitant fees that HomeToGo charges over and above the actual rental cost if you book directly. Never use them! In regards to your response how would I know who to deal with as the partner information was never provided to me until I made multiple phone calls to you. How can you say my vacation was pleasant? Had I not been able to find a home at the last minute I would have had to cancel my child 16th birthday, cancel the boat I had reserved, cancel the food I had being delivered - what are you going to do to compensate me for my time and stress due to your company failing to make the reservation? Did you reach out to your "partner" and find out what happened?