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26th march ordered a trampoline as it…

26th march ordered a trampoline as it said in stock and will be with you within 5 days ! With my daughter being of school i wanted it fast to give her something to do. If i knew it was going to be longer than 5 days i would of got one from asda! Homebase have taken my money though 😡

Another "fabulous" review for homebase:)

Another "fabulous" review for homebase. Ordered paint over two weeks ago, just got email that is not in stock. Kindly they submitted that other part of ther will be delivered in near future. So what that the main paint which is not in stock, was matched with other items. Who cares. They don't. Exremely poor management. If you could not handle that amount of order, you should have closed online ordering as well. Greed got you and now you will face backlash. Terrible customer service. To say not existent. CEO and your lovely business advisors - time to quit. You obviously do not know what you are doing. Now, low level employees will pay for that. This order now completely blocked my project for 3 weeks. Shame on you. Your online shop is blacklisted for me. Even after lifting all bans.

I placed an online order on the 26/3/20…

I placed an online order on the 26/3/20 specifying the item would be with me before the 6/4/20. I then realised I had been charged twice for my order, a total of over £800 being taken out of my account. I try calling customer services but of course they are closed along with all the Homebase stores. So I follow the guidance and submitted online customer service forms 4 times, emailed customer services 3 times, sent countless messages on Facebook messenger as well as commenting on Homebase’s regular posts on Facebook... have I had any contact from them.. NO!!! So not only do I feel robbed at a uncertain financial time, I haven’t even received my order. An absolute joke, no excuses when a company is so quick to take your money but can’t deliver a decent service. Perhaps they should of considered ceasing trading since they clearly aren’t up to coping with demands. I have ordered from plenty of other retailers online and have received an excellent service under the circumstances. Do yourself a favour and don’t order from HOMEBASE.