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Customer Service is Non-Existant!!! Don't trust Expedia's VRBO to advertise, rent or collect fees for your vacation rental! Use AirBNB, Flip Key, Booking.com or TripAdvisor for hosting and traveling. I hosted with VRBO since 2007 and never had a problem until Expedia bought them out. As countless reviews confirm here and across the internet, there is NO way to escalate a major issue with VRBO as a host or a traveler! The customer service number leads to an untrained, outsourced, barely understandable representative that has the sole goal of getting you off the phone. They will provide no email address, mailing address, or any avenue to escalate a major issue to a trained, accountable or empowered supervisor to address a problem. Don't be fooled by the responses here on Trust Pilot by VRBO. VRBO's responses lead the reviewer to their FAQs, not to an actual trained human being that can comprehend the most basic issues. This site should be investigated and shut down for fraud. Taking money from travelers and hosts under the premise of providing a travel service then not doing so is FRAUD! Expedia should be ashamed of taking what was once the most reputable vacation travel site on the internet and turning it into a fraudulent SCAM!

Not great ,I suppose as good as any other

I suppose as good as any other, easy booking, no customer service once your locked in after initial period, villa booked was ok, needed updating, but had broken microwave, lights not working, Bath/ shower blocked, damaged paving,steps which cut your feet, filter coffee maker trashed, obviously all about the money not the experience and the area well not there fault there was nothing left after covid, shop doors hanging literally off, did message owner but no response regards issues.....

Disgusting company

A shame I did not check the reviews before booking. We managed to have a successful stay at the villa we booked. During the stay we came across some broken items which we reported to the host at the end of our stay, in hindsight we should have reported it straight away, a live and learn situation. The host did not respond for a week then simply sent a message saying we would be charged for the items even though we did not break them. We argued our case and the owner said that the charges would be waived, however the money was still removed from my credit card. Numerous emails and 6 phone calls later to VRBO and I still haven't got my money back yet. VRBO is a fraudulent company always putting you on hold saying they will contact the host even when you call at 11pm at night, very suspicious. VRBO should not allow any money to be removed from an account whilst it is under investigation. They should carry out a proper investigation and refund any money to guests and claim it back from the hosts seeing as they have a contract together. Judging by the other reviews it seems I am unlikely to get my money back. This company needs to be shut down and their practices need to be made public. There is not even an email address you can send a complaint to just a phone number that puts you through to staff who are trained to fob you off.