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Refund issues

Cancelled my booking on the same day i made the reservation. 100% refund was guranteed. It's been 5 days and no refund yet. This site looks like a scam. Becareful booking through them.

Homeaway and any affiliates are a scam…

Homeaway and any affiliates are a scam and should be avoided at all costs. This includes VRBO, Homelidays.com, Abritel.fr, FeWo-direkt.de, Bookabach.co.nz, Stayz.com.au. They all will carry the same policy which allows their support staff to do literally nothing to help you. Their customer support is unhelpful not only because some of them truly do not seem to care but also because they don't have the ability to provide credits or refunds at all. They will make you go through the property manager for everything. Stay in a hotel or stay in an airbnb. But save yourself the risk of staying in a bad place and receiving zero support or compensation. Our place is infested with mice and they "can't" do anything unless the property manager does something. Horrific.

Property ID 10042971 in Seville - Calle Santo Tomás 17, Atico. Sevilla 41004

Rooftop apartment (Seville) - property ID 10042971. Booked (30% deposit) in Oct 2019 for visit in September 2020. Cancelled 2020-07-03 (well within Notice period). "Management Fee" refunded promptly but still awaiting c£550 Deposit refund (paid by credit card). Communication appalling - don't respond to e-mails etc. Won't confirm whether delay lies with them or the property owner. Truly awful, awful experience. Not deserving of 1 star! Avoid!! [Message left 2020-10-14]