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My daughter was travelling cross…

My daughter was travelling cross country. First experience with vrbo has been horrendous. She arrived at the property, had no check in instructions, as she was working to reach the owner a tenant came out and explained the owner hadn't paid bills so all utilities were cut off. I called vrbo early the next morning - they weren't sure they would refund her $ bc she didn't call them while standing on sidewalk of a foreign city!!! After a promise to call me back within 24-48 hours, I called today - 9 days after vrbo promised an answer - held and was transferred to 2 people and was in midst of asking how vrbo was going to make this awful situation right when the rep "lost the call" and hasn't called back. Feels like a bait and switch to me....transfer you all around the company with long hold times in between, make promises that aren't kept, and then drop the call when you finally are speaking with someone!!! To add insult to injury, the rep even asks if this is a good call back number should we be disconnected.

Do not use VRBO

I booked a house in Windsor for 5 nights. The following day I emailed requesting this be changed to 3 nights. After 4 messages the owner replied that I couldn't reduce the number of nights. I immediately sent a full cancellation request. This is where my troubles started. No response from the owner who turned out to be a letting company. Numerous requests to cancel were ignored despite the booking guarantee. I eventually found a number for customers services with vrbo. It took the woman on the line simply ages to find my booking and to be Frank I still don't think she found it. I was assured my refund would be with me 3 to 5 days. That was 4 weeks ago. I received an email from customer services seesterday telling me to apply to my credit card provider for a refund as vrbo wouldn't refund. I had acted exactly within the guidelines for the booking guarantee and have had no satisfactory response from vrbo or the owner. I cannot believe in this day and age a company like this can continue to operate in such a shoddy fashion. Customer services were terrible and didn't resolve my request. Do not use this site. Trust the reviews . They are probably from people like me and are normal everyday people who have been scammed

They don’t care

Thanks to Vrbo (then HomeAway) I lost over £1000 last year. Emails from the brand explicitly stated that we could cancel our booking to receive a full refund, only to find that wasn’t the case once I’d cancelled. The customer service from that point on was terrible - being passed from one person to another for weeks and making it quite clear they had no intention of helping until I eventually had to give up. When others like AirB’n’b did all they could to help travellers, this company couldn’t care less. I’m convinced that if you run into a problem with your booking, they’d have no interest in helping you either.