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Poor search engine

Poor search engine, previous incarnations of this website had the ability to search by heated pool. This is fundamental to the search in my opinion. Despite numerous messages nothing has changed. I won't be using you going forward...

We have booked an apartment through VRBO

We have booked an apartment through VRBO to Costa Adeje, Tenerife going this Sunday 23/1/22. We have called customer service 4 times as we have had no update from the host. They have constantly said that they will contact the host but up until now we have not heard a thing. We are getting really worried as we have emailed and called the host for check in arrangements. When I called the host she said she did not speak English but it says on your site that she speaks several language 's. What do you advise????

After 7 emails and countless phone…

After 7 emails and countless phone calls for a refund, the case against them has gone cold. A booking I made then cancelled within the 100% refund timeframe has resulted in them keeping 50% of the deposit made. AVOID at all costs. Hotels.com have washed their hands of it as has